Wineweek 127: Stockholm in my Heart

Even a wine-blog cannot ignore what happened just a few days ago. An attack on innocent people, that just doesn’t make sense to many of us. Of course we have acknowledged that the chances are quite high that some day this would happen. But I think it is impossible to think of it in the moment. You just want to live your life in the illusion that this is a safe place to be. And this is what I will continue to do, despite what happened this week. 

Moving on to happier things. This week I have been walking around in Södermalm taking pictures. I am working together with my Tripsteri colleagues to build an app to go alongside the web-guides. The tests will be run on a restricted geographical area, and Södermalm is the place I know the best. It is however surprising, that I can still find new places there. I was hanging around Nytorget, and saw a lot of places that tickled my fancy: Cafe Rang, Urban Deli, Nytorget 6 and a caramel shop called Pärlans. I was gazing in from the Pärlans shop window and could see they actually make all their sweets there. I emailed them for a chance to come and see them in action. Lets see if I get a response. How cool would that be. I bet those silky smooth caramels would go great with some champagne or even port.

We also visited our cellar Magnusson to try out Jacques Picard champagnes. We always try to go to the tastings when there is something new on the list. It was completely quiet at the cellar, probably due to the events of the week. We tasted their Blanc de Blancs, NV Brut, Brut Nature and Millessime Prestige 2005.  The Picard style was very fresh. The nose of the wines however made some promises that the tastes could not live up to. Especially the Millessime smelled awesome: mineral, with some lovely oxidized notes. However the taste was flatter than expected. I bet if I would have let the wine stand in the glass for a while it would have improved. The Picard champagnes were quite easy on the wallet, from 290kr to around 390kr  for the vintage. Not bad at all, and the producer sold mixed cases via Systembolaget, so I would say its a pretty good summer box to take you through a few weeks holiday on a boat or at the cabin.

Marcus, who works at Magnusson was also very friendly and let us taste some Tokaj wine from Budapest. It was awesome: sweet raisin notes with an unexpected freshness. It was a perfect Aperitif or just to have on its own on a hot summer day. We actually started thinking if we should spend Midsummer in Budapest this year. We could enjoy some great spas, take a river cruise and get obsessed about Tokaj. Sounds like a plan?

For easter we will be traveling to Finland. We will be taking the boat. Mainly because flights were expensive, but we will tolerate the small cabin and probability of bad food for the sake of the good wine shop they have on board. One of the most famous names in the Finnish wine scene, Essi Avellan, is responsible for the selection, so the probability is high that we will find some good stuff. The boats are also tax free, because they stop at Åland, so the prices for the wines are 25% lower than on land. I could imagine picking upp some Taittinger vintage 2009 if it is available and perhaps a Rhoederer or two. There are always some sales going on as well, so lets see what follows us home.

Our trip to Finland will be very food intensive. We have been able to make some great reservations. Thursday we will go to restaurant Jord, which is a shopping mall version from the owners of Michelin-starred Ask. Friday we have a reservation at Grön, and on Saturday a reservation at Olo, which is another one-star restaurant in Helsinki. One of four. Sunday and Monday we will visit friends.

That was it for this wineweek. Wishing you all a safe and sunny Easter week. I think I will be doing a bit of a deep dive to learn the basics about Tokaj, and I still have some fun restaurant stories left from Amsterdam.

xx Soile

Gondolen Restaurant and Eriks wine bar at SLussen
Some of the greatest pictures of Stockholm have been taken from Katarinahissen
Walking in sunshine at Katarinahissen
View over Djurgården
View over Gamla Stan (the old town)
Södrateatern is a restaurant, music venue and night club on Mosebacketorg
Walking in Södermalm
At Cafe Rang next to Nytoget – local beers from Nils Oscar
Delicious cakes at Cafe Rang
Counter at Cafe Rang

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