Wineweek 128: Easter in Helsinki

Spending time in Helsinki is great. It is not only my childhood home, but the city has developed into a mecca of food during the past five years. We come every other month or so to visit my family, and we always have new restaurants to try. Dining in Helsinki makes me suspect that the New Nordic kitchen is making a comeback (if it ever was on a downhill), and that the myth of dry Finnish service is indeed just a myth. So there is definitely something good cooking here in the capital of Finland, that the Michelin guide has totally missed out on. Only four one-star restaurants is a laugh, and many more places would definitely deserve a bib in my books. And what is a pleasure to see, is that the restaurants are thriving with many great places being fully booked even months ahead (still trying to get a table a Basbas), so more is bound to come. 

Below you can find some pictures from the week. We had dinner at restaurant Jord, restaurant Grön, and some wine at BasBas & Staff Wine bar. We missed out on restaurant Olo as I felt sick yesterday. The flue. But we will see if we can get a table next time, which is already in a month. We are coming in May again for the Grand Champagne wine event. God I am so excited about that. Its a full weekend of great producers serving tasters and cellar masters holding master classes in wine. It was not a cheap event, the master classes cost us 50€ each, but totally worth it if you are a bit of a wine geek like me.

I also got some Photoshop lessons from a friend. See any difference? I do. It was a great two hours, and now I am convinced I need a new computer, some new objectives and a Photoshop license. Some other gadgets too perhaps, like a daylight lamp. I think I need to portion this out somehow. But how? I need it all at once because I have no patience.

This is it for this wineweek. Luckily Easter continues, and we still have two evenings left to enjoy my childhood city.

xx Soile

Good Friday at Basbas winebar
An oxidized white from Loire
Basbas staff & wine bar specializes in natural wines
Is this a coffee or a soup?
Lamb at restaurant Jord
An awesome ecological Monastrell at Jord
Evening light at restaurant Jord
The wine flight at restaurant Grön was amazing
Lamb at restaurant Grön

4 thoughts on “Wineweek 128: Easter in Helsinki

  1. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog! Love it! Great pictures, too. I just got a new camera and I’m only learning to use it. And I completely agree with you on the fact that lately Helsinki is full of amazing restaurants. Where were they when I was still living there??


    1. Haha! Thank you! I am not an expert with the camera, but I really got lucky with the model I bought (Nikon 5500). It does most of the work for me. Which one do you have? I also do all of my editing with Lightroom, which is an easier program to use than Photoshop. I also moved away from Helsinki five years ago, so I missed out on the restaurant revolution. Trying to catch up on the scene, but I am always a step behind the front runners.


      1. Mine is Nikon D5300, so almost the same (without the touch screen) 🙂 It’s amazing that just a quick snap is so much better quality than anything you can take with the phone! The first two blog posts I have still have phone quality photos… From now on it’s gonna be better. Just as long as I really learn to use the camera and to edit photos. I must try Lightroom, other people have been recommending it too.
        You seem to be visiting Helsinki often. I don’t live that much further (it’s only 2 hours flight from Hamburg) but I still manage to make it only a couple of times a year. But I’ll be coming to Grand Champagne as well! Maybe we’ll meet there.


      2. Fantastic! I will be at Grand Champagne on Friday the whole day. So hope to meet you there! Will take part in two master classes, Palmer & Co. and Heidsieck.
        xx Soile


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