Wineweek 129: Pink, Pink, Pink

There is nothing like the cherry blossoms at Kungsträdgården (Kings Garden) to tell you that spring in Stockholm has begun. The 63 Sakura trees color the center pink; They lift the mood of all who are tired and weary of the winter. Local Stockholm dwellers gather under them to chill, eat ice cream and enjoy the rain of colorful leafs. The weekend has been a bit of a roller coaster of feeling with things getting tough at work. So what better way to calm the nerves than pretty pink flowers and some good wine. Champagne actually – what a surprise!

We had a visitor this weekend. A friend who I met during my time in London. It is really funny how we met, on a blind “date”. Not that kind of date – Kaisa is a girl. But friends had set us up to meet because they thought we would hit it off. And that we did. I was new to London and didn’t have that many friends (and I really needed some). We went out for a bottle of wine and we have been friends ever since. Kaisa visits us two times a year for a weekend, and we always have loads of fun. This time it was dinner at Cafe Nizza, a champagne tasting with Deutz and dinner with some wine from a London urban winery. You can read about London Cru in one of my older posts. Their wines are awesome.

The other piece of news: I have to also tell you about the new snazzy milk machine at our local super store. Sounds lame? Its not. At least I don’t think so. The new it-grocery for all trendy stockholmers is single farm milk produce (haha! like single vineyard wine). You fill a glass bottle yourself in a machine at the store. How awesome is that! The milk always comes from less than 50km from Stockholm minimizing truck traffic, and is from cows that have had a happy life with lots of space. So it is also a choice that is cow and environmentally friendly. The milk does cost of course more. Around double the price of normal milk, but still just 20kr a liter. I just had to buy a bottle to see if it is any better than the normal stuff we buy. And it was a fun experience too.

That’s that for this week. The future is still unwritten. Over and out!


A London friend should be treated to some London Cru
Milk from the new milk machine
Champagne Deutz
People at Kungsträdgården
Pastel colours
Cherry blossoms
Taking pictures at the Kings Garden
Pink, pink, pink
Amouse at Cafe Nizza
Dessert at Cafe Nizza – merinque with earl grey mousse and rhubarb
Sunset from Fjällgatan

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