About the Author

Yes. That’s me smirking in the picture. After glasses a glass of wine(s). I don’t post things about myself that often. Or I do, but the comments are more embedded in posts about something else. I guess I have thought it is a bit self-centered to write just about yourself, but then again, it is nice to know your blogger. Blogs are popular partly because the writers are generous about themselves. You feel like you know them. So perhaps I should also be more generous with who I am. So I interviewed myself. Not schizophrenic at all…

Describe yourself in three words
Social, energetic, stubborn. The last is my best quality (to my opinion).

Why do you write a blog?
I wanted to do something for myself. Build a space where I could try out new things – things I have been insecure about like writing and photography. I thought before that I was not very good at any of that. However, I have always been good at creating content: curious, structured, fact-based. Why not try turning that into something creative? Learn to do those things I thought I was not good at. Why not? Good is such a relative term anyway..

What is the idea behind your blog?
Wine made simple. I have no education in wine, so everything I have learned has come from finding out things myself. I like wine a lot, but I have found many wine blogs too technical for me. I am not in that deep. I just want to know in as simple words as possible what is it I am drinking, who has made it and how – and I like sharing that. I have strayed off a bit from my original thoughts. The blog is quite into restaurants these days; and food, beers, cocktails and whatever I just happen to be into at that moment. The blog is a bit flimsy, as I am. I get all kinds of ideas and obsessions and I write about those.

What kind of wine do you like?
Champagne. Sounds snobby, but hats what I like the most. I am really into grower champagnes that are made with as little dosage (added sugar) as possible. And why am I so interested in the growers? I think they make the most interesting stuff. They have a vision, and they realize it from grape to glass. I think that’s fun. I get to hear even how the vines are tended to and with what thought. Other favorites (at the moment) include cava, white Bourgogne (Maconnais), Jura whites (the oxidized ones) and Pinot Noir.

What are you obsessing about right now?
Orange wines and other skin contact whites, sparkling Malvasia and Tokaji. I am leaning towards the funky side. I wonder how long it will last.

What’s your favorite restaurant?
The best restaurant I have ever visited is 11 Madisson Park, but that is something one can afford to go to only once in a lifetime (or maybe once every five years if one saves up). Totally worth it. The best value for money I would say is Chef & Sommelier in Helsinki. Its really laid back, but food and wines are top notch. And the bill won’t kill you. For the best value fast food, I really like Korvkiosken in Stockholm. It is starred-chef Magnus Nilsson fast food place serving hot dogs, beef sandwiches and soft ice cream. It’s really cheap (25kr for a hot dog) and awesome.

Best wine tip?
If you want to invest in some more valuable/rare bottles, buy a Coravin. With that, you can just have a glass, and then save the rest for later. The quality is unaltered even after a year. Works only for still wines though, so if you open a bubbly, then you have to drink it all (smirk).

xx Soile

O-oh! caught in the act.


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