Wineweek 131: Grand Champagne Coming

This weekend has given me hope that there will be summer. Its been sunny all weekend and warm, well at least in the sun. You can suck in some of the Stockholm May madness in the pictures below. I have caught some kind of hay fever though, so no wine for me. At least not on Saturday. Its a waste to drink with a blocked nose. But on Friday I was still healthy and enjoyed a night out with a friend at Woodstockholm, one of the best wine haunts in the city. 

I will be writing about Woodstockholm the coming week, but the real news this Sunday is that I cant wait for Grand Champagne. We will be flying to Helsinki on Thursday to take part in the most exciting champagne event of the year. And whats best, haha, we have press tickets. So I can mingle with the organizers as well as the champagne personalities all day Friday. And ask a lot of questions. Oh! And take a lot of pictures. I have a new objective on the way. Its called the “freedom lens” for it has a zoom from 18mm to 200mm. In plain words, it can take both landscape shots and well as really really close macro. I bought it with Hong Kong in mind (here we come end of May), but Grand Champagne is the perfect event to try it out.

Lately I have been writing a lot to my travel guide in Tripsteri. Hold your horses, the hot new stuff is not published yet, and you will have to wait a while. All of my efforts are directed at making content for the app that will be launched in August. But what is great that I am now writing content in English too. So, everyone who is interested will have a chance finally to get my take on Stockholm. But why I am mentioning this now is because, during the process, I have really realized how cool Södermalm really is (I am writing all my test material from there). There are so many fun restaurants and shops with a story. Like the store that carries Europes largest selection of hand crafted sodas, and the tea shop where you get thrown out if you ask for Roibos (thats not tea, its some bush plant). Södermalm is great fun, and there is so much to see that it is hard to get bored of it. I wish I would live I live just on the other side of the bridge.

With the ode to Södermalm I will end this post and head to bed. I have a busy week in front of me preparing for the champagne event of the year.

xx Soile

My favorite non-alcoholic cider from Normandie, France
Tonkatsu at AI Ramen
The happy staff at Woodstockholm
Msuhroom “lasagna” at Woodstockholm
Blueberries and thyme at Woodstockholm
Sunny sunday in Söder
Art at Medborgarplatsen
The tower at Medborgarplatsen

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