Taste of Göteborg at Woodstockholm

I just love these pictures from last Fridays dinner at Woodstockholm. It was one of these epic nights: warm weather outside, even after sundown (doesn’t happen that often in Sweden) and full party on at the restaurant. I seldom see restaurant staff having such a good time at work. We had a good time too. The food was tasty as well a picturesque, and for once I felt it was ok to take shots of people (they were so obviously posing). Woodstockholm is one of my favorite wine-hangouts in the city. Their list is very much to my taste: quite European and leaning towards earthy flavors.  The theme of the month at Woodstockholm was Göteborg, which is the third largest city in Sweden. The menu was designed to take the diner on a trip to the west coast and featured ingredients common to the local cuisine, like herring, mackerel, asparagus and wild onions, as well as berries and sea buckthorn. The menu was all in all quite fishy, but there were some other specialties as well. The west coast is not only known for its seafood-scene, but also the Göteborg annual horse-show, hence the pony tartar. My favorite dish of the day was the blueberry and thyme dessert. It was like a hamburger with different layers. Caramel on the bottom, vanilla curd in the middle and fluffy whipped cream on the top. I enjoyed both the textures and the taste, which was not too sweet.

For wine, I had the house champagne which was from a small grower-producer Bereche & Fils. Its an awesome house with really great quality entry level wines. I am always impressed if a restaurant has been smart enough to take that producer in. I also had a glass of Kekfrancos from Peter Wetzer. I have previously tasted their Furmint and was just as impressed with this red. Woodstockholm focuses on wines from smaller producers with the highest standards of sustainability and non-toxic production.

The evening was a success, and the bill landed somewhere around 800 sek for three courses and two glasses of wines each. Not too bad for such great quality. But what was most impressive was how much fun the staff had while working. We just kept on laughing all night. The power even went of at one time, and they just kept the party going as if it happens every day (maybe it does). We were all ooh-ing when it went dark, and cheering when the lights came on again. What a feeling we had around the bar.

xx Soile

The staff fooling around at Woodstockholm
Cucumber and horse (tartar)
Msuhroom wonton
Blueberries and thyme
Honey parfait with sea buckthorn


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