Wineweek 134: Summer Nights are Here

This weekend it has been amazingly warm. The kind of warm that you don’t need a coat even in the evening. The kind of warm we all in the Nordics wait for all year. I am sure you get the point. At least you who live in the colder part of the world. Anything day that the temperature rises over 20 degrees Celsius is a win. To celebrate, we opened a bottle of Bonnaire 2005 and enjoyed it inside in the cool humidity of our cellar. Typical! 

I will not bother writing too much this Sunday. It is actually still quite nice outside, and I have a bottle of champagne waiting for me in the fridge. That means balcony time with M. But I just have to mention a new place we visited this week. While walking home Friday night through the Old Town, we discovered that restaurant Le Rouge has opened a wine bar. Vinköket is located at the entrance. Good use of the top-floor of the restaurant which has previously just stood empty. Le Rouge is a restaurant that has a bit of a cabaret-style deco. I am not that fond of it: red velvet curtains and tapestries that scream out with color. We have not been that impressed by the food at Le Rouge, but now with the wine bar I might come by more often. They also have some snacks that I would say pass the bar for bar food we accept.

It was actually quite fun walking through the Old Town during a Friday night. There were a lot of people out and about. Many restaurants had terraces open. One might think this is a bit of a touristy area, but that’s actually not that true. Gamla Stan has many great restaurants and the locals enjoy it too. Some of my favorite wine bars are there: Gaston, Burgundy, 19 Glass, Corvina Enoteca and now Vinköket. You can actually do a wine-crawl there. Not a bad idea actually…

Lets hope the great weather will continue the coming week. Thursday is a day off, so I will have more time to go around and take photos. It is also time to start preparing for Hong Kong. Its 10 days and counting..

xx Soile

The Bonnaire 2005 tasted awesome after just afew years in the cellar
Evening at Gamla Stan
At Le Rouge
Vinköket wine bar


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