Wineweek 135: The Heat Wave

This weekend has been very unusual. The weather has been hot. I mean really hot, close to +30. Such temperatures are not common in Stockholm. Definitely not in May at least. We dream of days like this all year, where the sun is shining from a blue sky and the wind is warm and gentle; and perhaps there is one such in July. From a wine enthusiasts perspective I can say that I am in waiting all year as I have quite many wines that I have bought with the excuse of them being perfect for summer and slacking on the balcony. Think of all those crispy white Bourgognes and Grüner Weltliners..not to mention Champagnes. That statement is however just to fool myself. If I start really thinking about the logic I can say that I have balcony wines for the next ten years.In addition to slacking at home, we did a few trips to Södermalm to take photos and check out a few new places for the travel guide. We were even able to find a new wine bar, Dryck. I had heard of it from a fellow wine blogger Tonguencheeks, but it was this weekend I actually realized where it was. Right next to Mariatorget, where we often go out for coffee. The bar had some chairs outside, so we decided to sit down for a glass. Lucky us, as the bar serves also half glasses (sign of a serious wine bar), so 8cl of Franciose Bedel champagne only cost 65kr (!!). When peeking in M also saw some delicious flatbreads, so next time Dryck might even be a viable option for dinner.

The heat has really sucked all energy from me, so I will head to bed. I need the rest as next week we will finally be traveling to Hong Kong! Just a few days at the office..

xx Soile

Champagne on the balcony
At Dryck wine bar
California chardonnay / Dryck selves also half glasses *8cl(
Popcorn with truffle oil and seared parmesan
No tables on the terrace so a chair will have to do
Drinking coffee in the sun at A.B.Cafe
Taking photos in Södermalm
Malongen is one of the oldest industrial buildings in Stockholm
Nytorget busy with sunbathers

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