New Wine Bar in Town – Dryck

Dryck is Swedish for drink (the noun, not the verb) – a suitable, however uninnovative name for the new wine bar in town. But regardless of its mass market appearance, Dryck is actually quite a likable little place with ambitions of becoming a core hangout for the winecurious. They are serious about the fermented fruit, while at the same time keeping a laid back appearance. 

We wondered in unannouced one Saturday afternoon.  Mariatorget, where the bar is located, is one of our core hangouts for coffee in Stockholm, and we just spotted some free seats on the terrace. Dryck offers the rare possibility of ordering half glasses of wine (8cl), so it was perfect for a quick taste. We ordered half a glass of Francoise Bedel champagne (which is awesome by the way – biodynamic) and a sparkling from Loire. The snacks also looked tempting so we added in a nice big bowl of truffle popcorn with Parmesan shavings.

We sat outside enjoying the warm weather, so I kind of forgot to go inside to take photos. However, M mentioned that there were nice sofas and other comfy table groups, and one could also order nice looking flatbreads (glamorized pizza). The terrace was quite small at the moment of our visit. We used a small chair as a table – Berlin style. However, while walking past last weekend I saw that they had built a proper terrace. Swedenborgsgatan, the street that Dryck is on, is closed each summer from car traffic, so bars and cafes can spread out with outer seating.

Price-wise, a visit to Dryck can be quite friendly on the wallet. The wines are not particularly cheap (basic Stockholm price-level) but you can enjoy half glasses for very attractive prices – I don’t go for volume but variety. Next time, I will also make sure to try some of the yummy food they offer.

Dryck wine bar: Swedenborgsgatan 1

xx Soile

At Dryck wine bar
California chardonnay
Popcorn with truffle oil
The original terrace

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