Midsummer Wine Tricks

Its the time of the year that the sun does not set and it is light all day round. It is finally time for Midsummer celebrations. In Finland and Sweden (Norway too, I think) people have a day off tomorrow, and many head to their cottages in the woods. Me and M, we head somewhere else. Somewhere where Midsummer is not celebrated. It is not that we don’t like it, but there is nothing here for us when its on. All the shops, cafes and restaurants are closed, so we rather head somewhere where there is life. This year it will be to Krakow. Yay! Before we leave though, I would like to leave you with some tips for handling Midsummer wine-crises. 

Speedy decanting

Forgot to open the bottle of red to breathe before serving? Decante it! You don’t even need a proper decanter, a normal water jug will do. Or if you don’t have a jug, you can take two wine glasses and pour the wine back and forth from one to another. Even a cheap wine will improve significantly after it has had some air.

Quick cooling

I am a bit of a sucker for having wine properly cooled. A nice white wine can be a huge disappointment if served too warm. So what to do if you forgot to put the bottles in the fridge before the party and need a quick cooling? Take a bucket, fill it with water and ice, and some salt. The wine will cool down in a few minutes. Remember to take it out latest 15 min before serving though. Too cold the wine will fall short with flavor.

Party-safe glassware

Last but not least, what to do if you don’t feel comfortable using your nice glassware at a party? At least I don’t really want to use the Zaltos or Lehmanns unless I have guests who can appreciate them (and understand that one glass costs close to 40€ and willingly take the risk to use them). Nevertheless you want a nice wine experience (you can read about the significance of a glass in a recent post), so buy some tulip shaped glasses from the supermarket (as thin as possible). The shape is perfect for getting the best aromas out of a wine, and it doesn’t matter that much if its proper cut glass or not. If one or two breaks its not that serious.

There you go! Tips for a successful Midsummer with nice wine and minimum damage. I am off to Krakow now!

xx Soile

Tulip shaped glasses
Cooling wine fast works better in water


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