Close to Nature at Krako Slow Wines

I just love the name of the place: Slow Wines. It has a nice ring to it and gives an expectation of a relaxed atmosphere. And that it has. Slow Wines is a great place to go for winding down after a hard day at work. I assume the name stems from the focus of the bar, which is nature wines. I guess one can say that nature wines are produced in a “slow” way – without help from any additives, on their own pace. Maybe that is why they are so good. 

We strolled in on a Friday evening without a reservation. I don’t know what we were thinking. The place was almost fully booked with the exception of a few bar seats. We accepted the slightly uncomfortable seating and focused on ordering some food and wines. Next time, we will reserve.

Food was available mainly from the food truck grill outside, with the exception of charcuterie and other cold plates. The plates were quite affordable, so we went a bit overboard and ordered four main dishes for three adults, plus a chark board. The grill food was simple but deeeelicious. The grilled aubergine with coriander was a real surprise: a real treat for vegetarians and meatlovers alike.

All wines served at the bar were nature wines. Quite many were also available by glass. It seemed like the staff didn’t really have a menu (I know I saw one lying around, but it was too long to browse through), but rather recommended based on what people liked. The most interesting part was that 80% of the wines were from Eastern Europe. We tried a lot of stuff that I would have a year ago called exotic, for example Hungarian and Slovenian wines. I also tried some Austrian white, and last but not  least a Polish Pinot blanc. The guy behind the counter was very service minded and he even opened a bottle of orange wine from Georgia when he saw how much I was craving to try something exciting.

It was definitely an evening of many new tastes, and lucky for us Krako Slow Wines is not only a bar, but a wine shop as well. We deemed that our luggage could take at least six to eight bottles, so we bought a bottle of many of the wines we tasted that night. Eastern European wines are very expensive in London and Paris, so off course I thought it was a steal (Although the staff were oohing the number of bottles we bought). I like being a super good client.

To sum up the story: great food, really interesting wines and friendly service – it doesn’t get much better than that. Oh, sorry, it does: great prices as well (from the perception of a swede at least).

Krako Slow Wines: Lipowa 6F, 30-702 Kraków, Poland

xx Soile

Wine bar and shop in the same space
Main courses could be purchased from the Slow Grill outside
The staff opened some bottles of orange wine just for us. Great service
Slow grilled aubergine with coriander and bread
A local IPA to wash down all the wine

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