Wineweek 140: Ja Må Du Leva Idag

Ja må du leva idag means live today in Swedish. Its the perfect phrase to describe this weekend in Stockholm. We were supposed to stay in, work, clean and organize stuff; maybe drink some wine and catch up on sleep. The weather forecast was promising rain, so why make plans. Well, the weather man was wrong. The weekend was Goddamn beautiful, and against all sense of responsibility and looming deadlines, I threw all my papers in the air and sprinted out into the welcoming Stockholm sun. As you can see from the pictures, it was worth it! I will let the pictures speak for themselves and leave you with some words in Swedish. I have now lived here for four years and the locals and language are starting to leave lasting marks on me. These words in particular feel like they are a part of the story of how I ended up here..

xx Soile

För när du blundar är allting klart
Säg mig vad du ser när du ser dig själv
Kan du sakna sånt du redan har
Ett andetag, den tid du har kvar
Ja må du leva idag!

Writer(s): Peter Kvint, Darin Zanyar

A terrass overlooking the Slussen lock
Noon in the Old City
Lunching at Vigårda
Red Boat Mälaren
Södermalm backstreets
Coffee at A.B.Cafe
A tribute to Tore Wretman at Woodstockholm
Summer flowers at Woodstockholm
At Woodstockholm wine bar

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