Wineweek 141: At Home

This weekend we planned to be mainly at home. How unusual. I don’t know why I have such restless feet, as our (new) home is actually quite nice. We have space in the kitchen and a big balcony, M makes great food and the best wine selection in town is right here in our living room in our Climadiff wine fridges. We even bought this small electric grill to be able to get the barbecue-experience without having to go to a restaurant. So to make sure we stayed at home, we invited some friends over for dinner, both Friday and Saturday.  Ok. So we cheated already on Friday and had our dinner out at the Flying Elk, which is Björn Frantzens gastrobub in the old city. Its a sure bet for a table at short notice and the food is always acceptable. Regardless of the short stray, at least we had our wine home after. It was great weather so we parked on the balcony and opened a rose cava from Torello, a müller-thurgau nature white and a nature pinot noir from a German producer called Enderle & Moll.

Enderle & Moll are s small producer making only nature wines. We tasted their pinot noir, Liason, at restaurant Grön in Helsinki this April and thought it was perfect. As consequence, M lugged 14 bottles of Endelre & Moll wines back from a business trip to the Netherlands. Such small producers are almost impossible to get hold of in Sweden where the monopoly requires hefty minimum quantities. We also “corked” our new Zalto Axium decanter. I am not sure the pinot really needed it, but I was craving to try out the new toy. There are quite many other ways to air a wine. I need to make a mental note to write about that some day.

Saturday we behaved a bit better and stayed home, finishing the bottles opened the previous evening. Today we headed for the last breakfast of the summer at AB.Cafe. They have the best breakfast and coffee in town. AB. Cafe, as many other places will summer close for the busiest holiday period from mid-July to mid-August. It will be very calm in Stockholm for the next four weeks. Which sucks. As we are in town and really want to go out and eat. Lets see what we come up with.

xx Soile

Big breakfast at AB.Cafe
Baked egg at A.B.Cafe
Our new Zalto Axium decanter
Pouring Enderle & Moll pinot noir
Enderle & Moll nature whites
Fish’n chips at the Flying Elk
The beer selection impresses at the Flying Elk
Grillin padron peppers

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