Wineweek 142: Summer Sounds

This week has felt like holiday even though I have been working. Hard. I have been out early every morning, walking around Stockholm with my camera; and stayed out late having a restaurant marathon with M. The little critter has obviously been having a blast out in the countryside. The great thing about this kind of work is that it is what I love doing most. So although intense, the week has been fantastic.

The problem with Stockholm (like many smaller capital cities) is that many restaurants and shops close down in the summer. yes, I know, this is a real first world problem. There is just not enough people, not even tourists, to keep them open. So we really had to do our homework before we managed reservations. In the end I think we did great. We visited Bar Agrikultur, Cafe Nizza, Oaxen Slip, Bistro Barbro and the Mikkeller bar. We even dared to take a swing at the infamous Flippin Burgers, which is known for its long, long queues (like two hours long). I will have a lot to write about in the coming weeks. I can also recommend the Flying Elk, which I just wrote about for the summer. It is for sure open and never disappoints.

I also took some great walks this week. The reason for all those early morning wake-ups was not just for a hobby; its was to get enough new material to update my travel guide in Tripsteri. We will be launching an app in the fall, so I want to polish also the website. Early morning in Stockholm are often cloudless, thus the best chance for clear and colorful shots. I can recommend three pretty awesome routes:

1. From Karlaplan to Djurgården and along Strandvägen to Östermalmstorg

2. From Kungsträdgården to the museum island of Skeppsholmen and Kastellholmen

3. From Slussen, along the railway bridge to Riddarholmen and onwards to the City Hall. 

Tomorrow we will be flying to Helsinki for a few weeks to see the family. And guess what, we will even take a quick, one night spin in Tallin. The capital of Estonia and Helsinki are actually very close to each other. Distance-wise I think it is just 90km and you can on a clear night see the Tallin lights from the coast of Finland. The boat will take a boring two hours though. But then again, it cost only 15€, so you get what you pay for.

Have a good week, and next time you hear from me will be from Helsinki. Enjoy the photos!

xx Soile

Drinking wine at Bar Agrikultur
Skewers at Bar Agrikultur
Strawberry and cream dessert at Cafe Nizza
Karlaplan in Östermalm
The view from Djurgården bridge to Strandvägen
The Blue Gate is the entrance to Djurgården
Floating bar
On Strandvägen
Mood Shopping mall
The City Hall photographed from Riddareholmen
At the City Hall
The flag of Stockholm
Walking by the water at Kungsholmen

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