Wineweek 146: London Vol. 2

This week has been genuinely uninteresting. Perhaps it was the limit reached on the credit card, or the two kilos I gained during the summer, doesn’t matter, we decided to lay low for a while. Its quite nice. No expectation of wearing anything else than soft pants and laying on the sofa. Thus, I am posting some more pics and tips from our trip to London. 

When in London, what better way to enjoy local traditions than an afternoon tea. M is really not a fan, so I went with my sister. She had an offer for sparkling chocolate afternoon tea at Rabot 1745 at Borough Market. Rabot is a cafe focusing heavily on chocolate. They are owned and run by a British chocolatier, Hotel Chocolat. I used to buy their lovely pralines when I lived in London. They came in a perfect sized box of six; easy to stuff down at one go. The original Rabot estate is on Saint Lucia, which is a sovereign island state in the Carribean sea.  But back to the sparkling chocolate afternoon tea. As is tradition, an afternoon tea set includes: finger sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream and cakes, and tea of course. This set came also with a glass of Prosecco, that I tasted just to be polite. The Rabot version of an afternoon tea had some cacao in every dish except for the scones. But the scones came with chocolate spread. What I enjoyed the most, actually, was the pieces of chocolate on top accompanying the cakes. The Hotel Chocolat signature chocolates are single origin and often at least 70% cocoa.

Another restaurant worth mentioning is Texture, a one Michelin-star place that is run by an Icelandic star chef. Every dish at this restaurant was a play with different textures, temperatures and bright colors. The trick with Michelin-restaurants in London is to go during lunch time and take the set menu. The set menus are designed to raise curiosity, so they are a pretty good display of the chefs skills, and you will leave the restaurant with some money left in your wallet. Our three course lunch including water and coffee cost 35£, and we got some extra snacks, house bread, amouse buche and petit fours on the house.

The last place I would like to say a few words about was the most provocative meal we had during our trip. Streetxo is a restaurant run by Spanish star chef, David Munez. The eating hall is located in a cellar in Mayfair where there are basically no windows and very little natural light coming in. The neon lights and Asian style shapes give it a Hong Kong market place vibe. The menu includes Asia inspired tapas as well as ramen. It was a bit of a weird lunch, I must say. Not because of the food, but rather the service. We ordered tasting menus (25£) including four courses and an option for the days dessert for an extra fiver. The staff were really insinuating that we should order more food. More food after a four course menu? Really? Or at least some cocktails. Come on, you cheap tourists – order more food. We were stubborn and stuck to the tasting menu.  Everything extra was also super expensive. So go there for the set lunch, but not more. Cocktails sounded good, but it was lunch time, and I was already marinated in wine after five days in London. The food was very nice though and presentation was fun.

That’s it for London tips this time around. Over and out!

xx Soile

Rabot 1745 is cafe owned by Hotel Chocolat
Borough market on a calm Tuesday afternoon
Nibbles at Texture
Texture had a Nordic ambiance
Rainbow radishes and cod at Texture
Cold brew at the New Black
Amouse buche at Portland
Appetizer at Streetox
Lasagna at Streetxo
Streetxo had a bit of a Hong Kong vibe

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