Wineweek 148: Fall Winds

It still looks like summer outside, but one can feel the fall coming in many ways. First and foremost, the evenings are cold and crisp, and second, I have caught a cold – great. Last, but not least, my birthday is in a few weeks. The fall never comes without it. Yes, my 35th birthday is approaching, and that always implies I will have some good food and wine. I have no idea what is in store for me this year, however, I have been marketing very hard that 35 is a “round number”, and should be celebrated heavily. Its half way to 70 after all.  

However, my birthday is still a few weeks away, so this week I will share a few wine tips for the fall.  Both of the wines are available from the Swedish monopoly and to my opinion value for money.

Launois Blanc de Blancs 2010 Millessime Champagne. I first tried this champagne a few years ago, when they were out with their 2008. I am so crazy about that vintage that I will drink almost anything with that number on it. I was so impressed then that M and I raced to several Systembolaget stores to just empty the shelves. So it was nice to try a new vintage, 2010. Launois did not let down this time either. For 349 SEK it is a good investment.

Greywacke Marlborough Chardonnay by Kevin Judd. Mr Judd is the former head winemaker from legendary New Zealand producer Cloudy Bay. He, as many rock stars of winemaking, has founded his own label, Greywacke.  Greywacke (pronounced ‘graywacky’) is a soil type found throughout much of New Zealand. It consists of grey sandstone with a high clay content. The wine is full-flavoured and has notes of pure citrus fruit – not just lemon but also fresh clementine. It has a wonderful creamy texture and is a perfect companion for a light meal: mushrooms, omelette and grilled vegetables. Even though the production quantities of Greywacke is quite low, they have an impressive selection of their wines all the way here in Sweden. The Chardonnay is 229 SEK in Systembolaget, and their Wild Sauvignon Blanc, another favorite, 239 SEK.

That was it for today. I need to get some shuteye to get rid of this pesky cold.

xx Soile

Launois 2010
Pouring the Launois 2010
Greywacke Chardonnay from Marlborough New Zealand
With the Chardonnay

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