Wineweek 149: Petite France

This wineweek, will unfortunately be a bit short. I need to be a bit boring and prioritize. There is a pile of work on my table, that is not going to diminish by me blogging about wine. God, I wish it would. However, I have one great café experience and two wine recommendations to share. So I will just pretend for ten minutes that that to-do list doesn’t exist. I am seldom in the direction of Kungsholmen. It is this part of the city that is kind of hip, but only in the minds of people from outside of Stockholm. There are nice cafes and bar though, and this Saturday we happened to be close by. Hungry and tired after swimming with the shortest member of our small family, we sat down on the terrace at Café Petite France. This place has been on my to-visit list for a long time, however, I have never made the effort to go. At Petite France you can eat breakfast and brunch, delicious French pastries and Macaroons. The croissants are buttery and the employees are French. If you close your eyes, you can imagine you are sitting on a street side café in Paris. I made a big mistake in the morning and left my camera at home. I was regretting it so much at the moment, but you can peek at what I ate on the Winecusious instagram account.

We also had some nice wines this weekend. Hard work requires some hard play. We opened a bottle of Antonio Madeiras limited edition 2013 Palheira. Only a few hundred cases made. Its was quite intense, and perhaps a bit too aromatic for the food we paired it with. But I could imagine it works really well with some heavier food, like casseroles. After some 30 minutes in the glass, the wine started opening up. Next time I will decante it. The Palheira is available actually from our own wineshop for 309kr per bottle. We only have 12 bottles, sorry 11 bottles left.

On Saturday we also opened a Laherte Freres Les Empreintes champagne. We bought the bottle last year when we visited the producer. It was awesome. And no wonder, because Les Empreintes is a taste of Lahertes clay-soiled vineyards in Chavot. Laherte Freres is one of my favorite grower producers, here is a link to the post on our visit. Laherte is an interesting producer also because they make bubbly from all seven grape varieties allowed for champagne.

Now back to excel and power point -heaven. Have a great Sunday night and coming week!

xx Soile

Les Empreintes from Laherte Freres
Cheese and champagne

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