On the Rooftops of Stockholm

Rooftop bars, I have always had mixed feelings about them. I admire nice views and having a drink in fresh air, but a rooftop and quality drinks seems to be an impossible combination. There are a few exceptions, like Smoke and Mirrors in Singapore, although there the service is poor. I just don’t get it – why does it have to be so? Probably because a rooftop will always lure in customer anyway, so why bother. Takpark in Stockholm was to some extent different. 

Takpark (rooftop park in Swedish) is a rooftop terrace on top of an office building on Sveavägen. In the bottom floor there is Urban Deli: a food store, restaurant and hotel. The bar covers the whole rooftop, and is build a bit like a maze with bamboo walls. You can find a nice, secluded corner to have your drinks in. In the middle, there is a glass pavilion with the bar and some seats. There are also some outdoor games spread out on the rooftop. You know, the types of games you play when drinking beer in the park.

The bar serves a nice selection of small brewery beers and wine, and obviously Corona, which seems to be some kind of sponsor. The selection is quite good, but prices high. That’s actually my only big objection. Stockholm prices are already high to start with, and at Takpark, you pay double. If you get peckish, there is also some food available. Mostly street food, like tacos, but that’s just perfect. The service is friendly, and there is a lot of space, no need to cram through crowds to see the view. The ambiance a bit rugged, rustic event. Not sleek and clean like most bars with a view. I like the concept and could actually imagine coming again. On a sunny day next time though.

If I would recommend one rooftop bar in Stockholm, it would be this one.

xx Soile

View over Vasastan
Takparken must be the largest rooftop terrace in Stockholm
Will it start raining?
Sponsored by Corona
The pavilion

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