Wineweek 150: Växjö in Colors

Saturday morning I sat on a long distance train without knowing where I am getting off. It was a train from Stockholm to Copenhagen, stopping on the way in Norrköping, Linköping and Alvesta. Would it be one of those stops, or perhaps the end station Copenhagen? M just told me that we would be sitting on the the train for ours, but no hint on how many.  It is my birthday today, and my present was a surprise one night trips somewhere. In my mind I had already thought of so many options, but once we sat on the train, most of the list got erased. The only guess left was Daniel Berlin deep down in Skåne, a hour and a half from Malmö; but M shot that down pretty soon after we passed Linköping. Browsing the Michelin guide for Sweden I made my last attempt at a guess – are we perhaps going to Växjö (a city I had not even heard of before that day)? The answer was yes!

There is only one reason to go to Växjö, the PM & Vänner hotel and restaurant. The small restaurant reached it first star this year when Guide Michelin opened up for reviews outside of the big cities in Sweden. The fine dining restaurant is also recognized with the Wine Spectator Grand Award, which only five restaurants IN THE WORLD reached in 2017. After an evening there, I totally understand why – best wine flight ever, by far!

I would like to save the review of PM&Vänner to it’s own post. It feels like such a spoiler to start unraveling it here. I can just give some teasers: Dhotn-Grellet, Egon Müller, Vina Todonia from -96 and a -68 Madeira. I know, I am getting worked up by just listing them. I will save the rest for later.

When arriving the weather was standard September, gray and rainy. But the next day we had some luck and we had time to walk around town before heading to the airport. Here are a few photos to show you the colors of Växjö.

xx Soile

Pastel colors on the shopping street
PM & Vänner is a hotel and Michelin-starred restaurant
PM vänner secrets
Amouse buche
Pre-dessert at PM & Vänner
Home made licquors
The Fjällräven couple
Wooden buildings on the main street
The town cemetry
Lakeside in Växjö


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