Wineweek 154: The Great Fall

I have not written in a week. What a fall. This is the first time since I started blogging three years ago that I do nothing during the week. However, we all need to be merciful to ourselves. When its a bit tough, rest is the best choice. I don’t want to learn the hard way. Sleep and good wine are the best cures to a starting fall exhaustion.

Its not as bad as it sounds, most of the week was spent in a castle outside of Stockholm. Lejondals Slott (1892) in the village of Bro. I was there for a three days intensive management training. It was a fun place: one of Sweden’s youngest castles, but still equipped with classic round towers, coats of arms and huge fireplaces. The castle was the home of the de Geer family until 1940’s and today it is a conference hotel and event space, used by companies during the week, and wedding parties during the weekends. I took a few photos of the place which you can find at the end of the post.

Other activities during the week included visiting an old favorite, the Green Rabbit Bakery, and having dinner at Teatern food court. I think I have written about both of them before, but why not add a refresher.

Green Rabbit is star chef Mathias Dahlgrens bakery that uses mainly rye flour. In addition to different types of breads, they have rye pastries. My favorites are the sweet and salty almond cake, and the apple cake. They are sold in small bites as well, so we picked a few different treats to have with coffee.  Green rabbit also had very good topped sandwiches. They are not as easy to take along, but great when having breakfast or a snack there. The coffee at Green Rabbit is from Drop, which is one of the most known micro roasters in town. They are usually very good, but also a bit expensive.

Teatern is one of my favorite places to go for a Sunday or Saturday lunch, but this week, we actually tried having dinner there. Despite being “fast food” restaurants, most of the vendors have a license to serve alcohol. As I have mentioned before, this is no ordinary fast food court, it is inhabited by well known Swedish chefs and their takes on street food: hot dogs, pizza, grilled chicken, tacos and ramen, and of course grower champagne. Korvkiosken has a nice Larmandier-Bernier by the glass and Fisheriet serves Andre Clouet. The vegan stall has an interesting array of nature wines.  It was actually a great place to go for a bite and wine, and surprisingly it was not even that crowded.

That’s it for wine and food news of the week. The event I am really looking forward to in October, is a trip to Shanghai. It has kind of crept up on me. Too much to do I suppose. But the countdown will soon begin as I take off Tuesday the 24th. Looking forward to see how the wine scene has evolved from 2015. Enjoy the Sunday pictures.

xx Soile

Teatern in the evening
Desserts at Teatern
At the Green Rabbit on Tegnergatan
Pastries from Green Rabbit
Fall colors in Södermalm
Lejondals castle
The entrance to Lejondals
Sunrise at Lejondals
clear as glass
Swedish nature at its best

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