Inside La Coline – Stockholm

There are some really interesting new restaurants in Stockholm. M has been browsing for alternatives for him and his friends for the weekend (this weekend) I am in Shanghai. They all sounded really good, but La Coline sounded the best: nature wines, grower champagnes and small plates to share. I was so jealous that we just had to go there together before my trip. So Sunday night we headed to see what kind of a new restaurant had opened on the tourist-stretch of Götgatan. It is an area rarely inhabited by something worth going into. 

First and foremost, La Coline has two wine-lists: the one that is printed and always available, and the one on the wall of bottles available that day. There were at least ten different whites and reds to choose from. The bubblies by the glass were both French ancestral method sparkling wines. One from Burgundy and one from Alsace. We had a glass each and they were very nice. The Burgundy was a bit more serious and the Alsace slightly more fresh. We were happy with them, but I wonder if the average wine-drinker would be; both were a bit funky and I can imagine out of the comfort-zone of many. I also had a very nice Savagnin from Teneriffe.

Food. Well. It was a bit disappointing actually. Not all the dishes, but some. I ordered a baked egg with truffle shavings for an appetizer. M skipped the first course because the restaurant was out of everything he wanted. So we shared. The dish came in an oven pan, and I was expecting a hot dish. Instead, I got a cold one, which made me think through the whole course if it was meant to be so, or had the kitchen screwed up. The waiter explained later on that it was supposed to be cool, but I didn’t buy it. I think they had made several ready to save time and mine had just been standing there for a while. I also heard some people sitting at the table next to us complain about their food being cold.

The main courses: duck with some vegetable puree and baked cauliflower with nuts were awesome though – very tasty and well made. These dishes were also quite big, so I would have perhaps been happy with just that one.

Service was also a bit weird. We had a waiter that was friendly but clearly not knowledgeable about the wines nor experienced. And you know when someone tries to act like they know instead of seeking out for help from more experienced staff. It just doesn’t leave a great impression. But I can of course forgive one such experience.

All in all, I would come back to La Coline; not for the food, but maybe visit the bar. The wines were awesome.

xx Soile

Inside La Coline
Baked egg with truffle
Baked cauliflower with nuts

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