Wineweek 157: The Photographer Gone Wild

I have always been a bit fascinated with Shanghai. It is a mix of big and small, old and new, and classic and modern. The french concession has left its beautiful marks in the architecture, as well as the great ambitions of the Chinese keep erecting a futuristic skyline that is recognized around the world. Shanghai is a dream for a photographer; there is so much color and tiny detail that I could have just wondered around with the camera all day.   As the topic reveals, I have had a great photo-trip. I will be editing my precious pics all next week. Why has it been such a success? Well, it is probably because I have been travelling without M. He is always hurrying me to places and gets a bit impatient when I start fiddling around with my camera (changing lenses is just unbearably slow). The trip has of course included lots of local food, wine and even cocktails, which of I will be writing during the following week.

Shanghai, I feel, is the flagship city of china, so I always expect quite a lot of change when I visit. No new significant skyscrapers this time, the skyline looked the same, but I perhaps noticed the same trend that has been taking part in other big Asian cities: gentrification and the rise of “city escapes”, like shopping and dining areas with a communal purpose. And of course the prohibition era cocktail trend of course. Usually the Chinese prefer the drinks quite sweet, but now there were some drinks I could happily stomach. There was a bit more of an international vibe than before. However, wine was available, but still scarce and very French or new world. No chance for a glass of nice Champagne, Cava or Riesling (for a reasonable price).

In a few hours I will be flying back, so hopefully I have some more pictures to share next week. Twelve hours on a plane is plenty of time to play with Lightroom and think of posts. Now towards the airport and new adventures in Stockholm.

xx Soile

Shanghai Skyline in the evening
Yu Garden at the edge of the center houses a tourist market
Old fashioned Chinese boat
Chinese lamp at Yu Garden
Small gifts at Yu Garden
Evening lights at Yu Garden
Stretched (handmade) noodles on Fangbang road
Leaving the noodle restaurant with tummies full
Chinese decorations at Tianzifang market
My happy travel companion at Dan Cafe at Tianzifang market
Dan Cafe
Artistic dumplings at Tianzifang

9 thoughts on “Wineweek 157: The Photographer Gone Wild

  1. I love the quality of your images and words. What brand are you using for your camera gears? It would be good to practice changing lens quickly, is a skill that can be learnt.​


    1. Thank you! I am using a Nikon D5500 with a 18-200mm zoom lens :-). The lens is great as it allows all kinds of photos (it’s called the freedom lens). I am very fond of it :-). But still I also like my prime lenses and those need to changed all the time.


      1. I like the way you put it as “freedom lens”. Your photography skill is very good to fully uilitize the 18-200mm. Prime lenses is light and wouldn’t hurt to have at least 2.


      2. Thank you! I have two primes, a 50mm f/1.4G, and a 35mm f/1,8G. I use them mainly for food photos 🙂 because I am too lazy to change lenses when I am out :-). I am dreaming of a 85mm f/1.4g, but that is quite an investment.


      3. May your dream come true soon. In fact 50mm is also good for full and half length portrait shot. Canon 85 f1.2 is quite a monster to carry around for travel. Not too sure about the weight of your dream lenses.


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