Wineweek 158: In the Footsteps of Royalty

Ever wonder where and how Swedish royalty lives? Me too, occasionally. Mostly I wonder what kinds of wines they drink. I even did a deep dive into which wines have been served at the Nobel Gala for the past 100 years. It was a lot of work, but quite fun (here is the link). This weekend, I took my camera and went walking in Hagaparken, where the crown princess of Sweden, Victoria lives with her family. 

Hagaparken is a big park right outside of the borders of the city of Stockholm in Solna. There are some nice cafes, Fjärilshuset which is an aquarium and butterfly house, and in the middle of the park Haga castle, which is the private residence of the crown princess of Sweden and her family.

The house as such is not that big. Or perhaps it is but is is quite hard to see into the property. Trees and shrubbery are planted to give privacy to the famous family living inside the black iron gates. At the main gate, I could see a small black BMW parked outside, like in the driveway of any family house and the flag of Sweden was erected  signaling that the princess was home. I walked along a gravel road along the gates, trying to take a subtle peek in, but at the same time conscious of the many cameras following my every move. I didn’t dare take any pictures of the property. There are also children living there, so I want to respect their privacy. But I took pictures of the park and the nature around.

The best place to try to sneak a peek of the royals is on the top of a small hill next to Ekotemplet. There you can see to the front of the house and if you are lucky, maybe get a glimpse of the residents. I didn’t have the patience to linger around. It was too cold. But Ekotemplet its self was a very nice sight and I enjoyed taking some pictures.

That was was my day chasing the royals. The weather was not great, but an optimist would say the at least the pictures are very realistic. This is how it looks for the most part of the year.

xx Soile

The gates to Hagaparken
Fall colours in the park
At Fjärilshuset – feeding station
Butterflies of all colours
Baby butterflies waiting to come out of their cocoons
At Ekotemplet overlooking the sea
Ekotemplet right outside the castle gates
The leaves have almost fallen


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