Wineweek 161: Happy Anniversary to Me

Earlier this week, I woke up to my phone making noise. It was a push notice from WordPress – Happy anniversary to the Winecurious! Exactly three years ago, we started our wine business and this blog. Check out the first post – its cheesy. And what do I think about blogging 161 week after? Read on to find out..

Writing a blog is very different than I thought it would be. I expected it to be more brutal, and I did not expect to be doing it that long. I started off trying to be very professional, and to keep my personal life at a safe distance. The blog was purely for the purpose of the wine company – nothing more. There was this assumption that people would not actually be interested in my personality, but I am sure any marketing professional would tell you I was dead wrong. Even I didn’t find it so interesting sticking to pure business and that vision lasted for less than a month.

I had, at that time, also read way too many lifestyle blogs and their comments sections. Even though I never expected my blog to rocket off (and I was right, it hasn’t ;-), I did not want any wine-hating purists on my back, telling me I am a bad mother. I don’t think that I mentioned I have a child for the first year of blogging. Wrong again, I have never received a single negative comment (but just to be sure, I still check every one of them before I allow them to be published). Conclusion: the wine community is nothing like the baby-forum-commentators out there. People who like wine are nice (like me).

The last, but not least misconception: I never thought that the blog would be anything more than a hobby. The Winecurious is still an unknown and not-so-serious activity, but blogging has taught me skills that I have been able to use in other projects, like Tripsteri. I think that six month of pouring text online helped me get over the biggest fence of them all, my own insecurity. You know that first cheesy post – I had my finger on the post-button for almost an hour before daring to let it float on to the internet. I have also learned new traits: photography, the basics of search engine optimization (SEO), and how to get myself into wine exhibitions without paying a dime. It has been an awesome ride.

So happy anniversary to me! Three years of pouring my heart on the internet, and still going strong. And by that I mean that I still have the energy to share more. Lets hope the coming year on the Winecurious is at least as good as the last one.

xx Soile

P.S. Some pictures from this weekend at Kommendören (bistro in Östermalm) and making cocktails again at home (will share the recipe later)

Brunching at Kommendören
Avocado sandwich with baked egg on top
Cozy at Kommendören
The bar at Kommendören looks tempting
Bees Knees is a prohibition era cocktail with gin, lemon juice and honey syrup




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