Wineweek 162: The Christmas Calendar

Every year M tells me that this year, there will be no Christmas calendar. I have already stopped believing him; Every year there is, and there is always some new twist to it. This years calendar is great fun, read on to find out more about it.

The theme of the year is a mini-wine-calendar. Every bag (I think) contains a small bottle of wine. We have been talking a lot about how it would be so nice to have some half bottles stashed away for those Thursday evenings. Well, after this December we will have at least  24 of them. Of course, some of those bags might have been subject to my wine-calendar tips, and contain some other drinks or accessories. Who knows. As we are travelling to Asia in one and a half weeks time, M has also configured an app: My Advent Friend, that reveals a picture of the bag content. This way, I don’t have to take all those bags with me (or wait until January to know whats in them). Oh, that trip is getting so close: ten days to take off and counting.

But enough about the calendar, this coming week week is actually quite special. Finland, my birth country, will celebrate 100 years of independence. That’s a big deal! I am travelling back to Helsinki on Wednesday. Not really to celebrate, but to see my family before our Christmas trip. But I am really looking forward to all the decor and the festivities. Independence day is often celebrated with a dinner with family, two candles on the windowsill (which was some kind of sign of a friendly house during the war) and by watching the presidents independence day ball from TV. People can watch that s**t for hours, mostly to see what people are wearing. I think just the welcome reception where people greet the president pair is four hours long. I don’t think I have the patience to watch that, I might head out in the evening with my camera if the weather is nice. And we have a bottle of Finalnd 100 years champagne from Ayala stashed away in my family home if things get too calm. Anyway, its kind of a nice day to be home with your loved ones.

Happy coming week everybody!

xx Soile

The Christmas calendar laid out on the top shelves of our String system
Day 1, 2 and 3 contents
Christmas flower
The bags are in order, so tomorrow I will reach for the black one on the left

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