Wineweek 166: Whats New in Bangkok

A new year has begun! 2018! Wow, how did time pass so fast? Every year seems to be a little bit shorter. However, it does not matter if you spend the time well. I wish I could live every day like it was my last. I try, but I think its easier said than done. I spend a lot of time planning for the future. However, today I will focus of the past week. We have been spending a lot of time in Bangkok, and there is some new stuff here that will make the winecusrious very happy. Bangkok is finally becoming a credible wine city.

Lets start with the wine. Remember the post from three years ago regarding serious wine deprivation? Either we have finally learned our way around Bangkok, or the wine scene has improved. We have visited several restaurants the past week with serious wine lists, even on the nature wine side. We found an importer and merchant, Wine Garage (which is connected to restaurant Quince), that brings some of our favorite producers wines to Thailand. They had for example Enderle & Moll nature wines from Germany, that are quite hard to get even in Europe. We bought two bottles from them to have during our trip (we brought our own stopper): A methode ancestral sparkling from Austria and a Cremant du Jura. The prices were slightly higher than in Europe, but that is to some extent understandable as Thailand has high taxes for wine (to protect their beer industry).

We also visited a few restaurants this week with very nice wine lists. The best of all has been Sühring, a German fine dining restaurant that recently got a Michelin-star with the newly launched Bangkok Michelin guide. The star was well deserved. I would have accepted if they would have gotten two. Sühring was so good that it will go up to my top five in the world. Their wine list by the glass was fantastic, with Dhont-Grellet champagne, Spätburgunder from Keller and a wonderful rose Brutal by Gut Oggau. The rose was fantastic and rare, made for one of our favorite restaurants in Barcelona, Can Cisa/Bar Brutal. How on earth had they gotten their hands on this one? We also had some great sweet wines (I am getting hooked) from Kracher and Domaine Huet. Sühring is a restaurant to travel to Bangkok for. Luckily we are coming back in May.

There are some other developments in Bangkok that are not as welcome as the newly found nature wine trend. The tourism has increased. A lot. Just as an example, I set off one morning for a photo run to one of my favorite tourist attractions, the Grand Palace. I know its a tourist trap, but I have always liked it. Its so colorful with nice details and a lot of great statues to photograph. Before, if you went in when it opens at 8:30, it was quite calm. Now it was complete chaos. There were hundreds and hundreds of Chinese tourists in groups waiting for the gates to open. Prices had increased, and there were more barriers to hoard the cattle. I went in nevertheless, and got a few good shots. But it was not as pleasant as before. At least in previous years you could beat the crowds by choosing less popular times, now there is none. It is a bit the same as what our guide said in Angkor Wat, tourism from China and Korea has increased a lot.

We have a few days left in Bangkok and I hope to be out doing some more street photography and eating some more hearty Thai food. After that, we are off to our last stop of this years Asia journey, Singapore!

xx Soile

Main course at Suhring
Sühring got one Michelin star with the newly launched Bangkok Michelin guide
At the emerald buddha at Grand Palace
Thank god for japanese tourists and their nice clothing
Saying prayers at Grand Palace
Back to using my 50mm prime lens
A hot day at the Grand Palace
The only way with no people in the photo was up



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