Soul Food in Bangkok

The term “soul food” comes from a dark period in American history, referring to food that is eaten for your soul to survive. When I hear the term today, I think of comfort, satisfaction and care – creamy and fatty food, yum! So you can imagine what I thought when I heard this is a “thing” in Bangkok – controversial! Nevertheless, many had recommended to try a few such restaurants serving specially selected regional Thai dishes. And I am glad we did. Here is a review for a few of them.

Soul Food Mahanakorn

The newly launched Bangkok Michelin-guide did not only take notice to fine dining, but there were several smaller restaurants with a laid back concept getting a mention, Soul Food Mahanakorn was one of them. The menu starts with a selection of bites that make the perfect accompaniment to Mahanakorns strong, tasty cocktails. I can warmly recommend the grilled chicken wings that are served with syrupi blend of chilli, fish sauce, vinegar and sugar; and crispy samosas, a jumble of chicken and cumin served with mint and yoghurt dip. The restaurant is friendly and unpretentious. On the ground floor you will find the bar, so if you fancy just coming in for a drink then simply grab a stool there.

Supaniga Eating Room

Very much similar to Soul Food Mahanakorn, Supaniga serves southern Thai cuisine; different types of curries, stews and chunky soups, charcoal grilled meats and deep fried vegetables. The drinks list is full of fresh and fruity cocktails with a signature that twist; local beers as well as acceptable wines. The restaurant is in a modernized shop house, and has a warm and comfortable atmosphere – a bit like at home.

Khua Kling Pak Sod

Yes, I have saved the best for last. Khua Kling Pak Sod was perhaps the second best meal of the whole trip, after Suhring off course (nothing beats that). When stepping into the restaurant you really get the feel that this place is for the locals. Lights are sharp and bright, a bit bluish, and there are not too many decorations. Its a plain eating room, that I would have perhaps passed, if it were not mentioned in the newly launched Bangkok Michelin guide. The restaurant has a long menu of Thai delicacies, a bit different than your average red curry. Think more stinky tofu, spicy rice salad with coconut shavings (and chili) and hot hot hot stir fries. The food was on the limit of my tolerance, but it was awesome. I could not stop eating even though my mouth was burning. The only drink that really suited this type of food was beer, so it was nice that they had some smaller local breweries on offer. If you have to choose one of these three places I have mentioned, Khua Kling Pak Sod is definitely number one.

A whole new take on Thai food – I am so looking forward to our next trip to Bangkok in May

xx Soile

Omelette at Khua Kling Pak Sod
Ric ena dvegetable salad with coconut shavings
Stinky tofu
Local Thai beer at Khua Kling Pak Sod
Dried meats at Supaniga
Crispy rice cakes with chili paste at Supaniga



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