Wineweek 169: Travel the World

We have a saying in Swedish – bort är bra, men hem är bäst. It means that traveling is great, but coming home is even better; kind of a Swedish version of – there is no place like home. There is a reason people settle down where the settle, and often it is the place we want to be. This is how I have felt when we arrived home about a week ago. Stockholm is where I want to live, even if it is freezing cold ten months of the year. However, before I get back to what is happening in the Nordics, I thought I would still post a few photos from our trip, and share some recommendations. I promise these are the last ones… for now.

The recommendations in this post come a bit scattered for Cambodia, Thailand and Singapore. These are some great memories, that feel can be interesting for other travelers.

Sofitel Angkor Phokeetra – Siem Reap

There are good hotels and there are great hotels; and then there is a group of hotels that are above all. I have only stayed at a few such in the world, and the Sofitel Angkor Phokeetra is one of them. Its internationally recognized as one of the best resorts in the world, and now I understand why. The hotel has a lovely colonial style; there is a pond in the middle, and the houses are connected to each other with walking bridges; the whole area is embraced by a tropical garden. The rooms are spacious and luxurious with heavy mahogany furniture. But the decor is not why this place is so special. For us, a resort where we do not feel like leaving for meals is an amazing one. We usually want some variety, thus venture outside of the gates. Well not this time, because the chefs at the hotel were doing such an excellent job, and prices were reasonable. The hotel has four different restaurants, a pool bar and a wine bar. They make some mean cocktails as well. We booked this beauty well in advance, so our rate for three nights at the hotel was very reasonable, around 120 euros per night (that’s great for a five star).

Or Tor Kor fresh food market – Bangkok

I love fresh food markets. They are so picturesque, and often more popular with the locals than a regular supermarket. Or Tor Kor is quite a polished place. It is located next to the infamous Chatuchack weekend market, so it also draws in some tourists. Not too many though, at least when there is a risk of rain. The market has several sections: seafood, fruits and Thai foods; all stalls are in neat rows, and small tasters are available. This is a great place to come and taste some exotic fruits, like rambutan, mangosteens, longkongs and sweet pulp of Pithecellobium dulce. I also like walking around in the seafood section, watching men and women at work butchering fish (I know it sounds brutal, but its usually great for photos). The market is also a good place for tasting different Thai foods, at the food court section. Thai food is anyway made to share, so get a few plates with a friend and taste away.

The Chijmes – Singapore

The Chijmes is a historic building complex (1840) in Singapore, which began its life as a Catholic convent. Today the Chijmes is an urban oasis with restaurants, cafes, shopping and an entertainment centre with ethnic restaurants, shops and a function hall, providing a venue for theatrical performances and weddings. It also has some beautiful murals and great photo locations. For me however, the best thing at the Chijmes is Glasshouse coffee, a beautiful coffee shop with some really talented baristas. They rotate the coffee between various roasters, which is something we coffee nerds appreciate. I can also recommend the banana cake (omnom).

That’s it, I promise. From the coming week on, I will focus on some wine, and stop posting all these agonizing photos from the tropics.

xx Soile

The fine dining restaurant at Sofitel Angkor Wat
The tea pavillion at Sofitel in Angkor Wat
Slacking of in the garden of Sofitel
Sweet pulp of Pithecellobium dulce
Blue crabs on ice at the fresh food market
At the grand palace in Bangkok
At the grand palace in Bangkok
Bar at the Chijmes in Singapore
Architecture at Chijmes

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