The Cocktail Garnish Project

You don’t find me in the kitchen that often. Or you do, but its when I am snacking and disturbing while M tries to make food; or when I am making cocktails. Today it has been the latter. I have long been thinking of drying lemon slices to make garnishes for my home made cocktails, and today was one of those days that I just decided to get it done.

At first, I thought you needed special equipment, like a dehydrator. But after watching a few simple Youtube videos, I was convinced that this was an easy enough task for even me. You just need to cut even slices of lemons, limes or oranges and put them in the oven for half a day. Easy peasy…or is it?

First things first, I washed all the fruits really well. I didn’t want to have any additives left on the skin as they were going in the oven. Oven on, and temperature to approximately 70C. Then I started slicing, how hard can it be. But without a really sharp knife, it took extreme concentration to make even and equally sized slices. Note to self: buy a better knife. After all the slices were done, I just laid them flat on the oven grid and pushed into the warm oven. The estimated time 4-5 hours until my garnishes were ready.

After two hours, I peeked into the oven and turned the oven grid around for equal drying. Th smell coming from in there was amazing. OMG! I could bake some lemons just to have that smell lingering around. Then I started browsing for suitable cocktails to match with my new garnishes.

After four hours I peeked into the oven, anticipating to see almost-ready garnishes. Not even close. I had to keep the slices in the oven for a whole nine hours to get them crisp and completely dry. NINE HOURS!?! It was too late to use them for Saturday evening cocktails. Maybe I could have had the oven on a slightly higher temperature, or made thinner slices. I guess I have to try again to find the perfect balance. The great thing, however is, that now I have a batch, and they will last long if I just keep them in an air tight container.  But when I run out, I think I will skip the hassle and buy a dehydrator instead.

xx Soile

Make even slices
Lay the slices on the oven grid
Slices can be very close to each other
Voila! Store the slices in an airtight container


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