Stockholms Little Eataly

It looks grand, Stockholm’s latest food market Eataly. The name is a giveaway. Eataly is an Italian food court, store and educational space right in the center of Stockholm, Biblioteksgatan. I’m usually not a fan of Italian food, but I really enjoyed when visiting here. Mainly because I felt instantly transported to somewhere in Southern-Europe – Milan maybe.Eataly is a not just a store or a food market, it is a concept founded by Oscar Farinetti. Eataly owns a significant number of small food producers, who all supply the concept stores around the world. There are all together 40 locations, with the majority concentrated in italy. Other locations worldwide are in Japan, South Korea, the USA, Brazil, Turkey, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Russia, Germany, and now Sweden

The space is an old theater, which gives Eataly a classic feel. There is a piazza in the middle, with the main bar serving wines, cocktails and Italian espressos. The Piazza is surrounded by small stalls, selling different kinds of Italian dishes: Mozzarella, flat bread, fresh seafood and baked goods. The food can be enjoyed on the high tables or bar at the Piazza, or in a near by park as take away. The space was pretty packed at lunchtime. I was feeling like a salad, so I wondered to the Mozzarella bar. A decent choice, though pretty expensive (135kr).

In the back, and upstairs there are sit down restaurants with a more comprehensive menu. These should be booked in advance via the Eataly website. There is also a wine bar, which I need to try the next time I am around (I was, after all, here just for a weekday lunch). In the back, there is an Italian shop, which extends upstairs. They sell fresh fish, cheeses, meats and Italian branded foods, nature cosmetics and candies. There is also a teaching kitchen, where you can sign up for cooking classes and wine tastings. They would have even had space for the same day, however my calendar was already booked.

Usually, I am not a fan of chains, but Eataly does not feel like one. Actually, I think it is a fresh breeze for old Biblioteksgatan, and I am sure it’s terraces will be full all summer. This is a great place to pop in for lunch, especially if you are on holiday and want to accompany the food with a glass of wine. The wines are not the greatest wines in the world, but they serve their purpose. The place can get pretty packed, so book a table or come with patience.

xx Soile

Upstairs sit-down restaurant
Lunch from the Mozzarella bar
Wine bar
Bar at the Piazza
Hams hanging upstairs

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