Another Side of Bangkok

When we last left Bangkok, during our winter holiday, I thought that I was done for a while. We have spend long vacations there for the past four years, and become a bit too comfortable in our habits. To be able to have a more adult vacation, me and M booked one last long weekend, to really be able to go through the restaurants and bars that were not suited for the youngest in our family (she is quite good at sitting at restaurants though). And boy, was this trip a surprise. It was fantastic to see, that there was still a side of Bangkok that we had not seen before. Here are the highlights!Starting with the restaurants, consulting the recently launched Bangkok Michelin guide, M had made reservations at two new places: Err, the little sister of Michelin starred Bo.lan, and 80/20 a restaurant riding the local produce wave. Additionally we made a comeback to Michelin-starred Sühring, as our last visit was just so awesome. The German inspired restaurant is one of the best value for money Michelin restaurants I have ever been to. The tasting menu at Sühring was off course wonderful. Some of the highlights included a small curry wurst, imported all the way from Germany (doesn’t feel too green now that I think of it), home made beer and home made bread with fillings (brotzeit). We also took the wine flight, as Sühring has one of the best German wine lists that we know, including some very interesting nature wines from Spain and Austria.

All restaurant visits were awesome though, and different. Err is the place to go for some more traditional Thai food, and great cocktails (the best “Bloody mary” I have ever had – but spicy), ans 80/20 had more of modern European vibes and some nice local craft beers.

Our other discoveries were for cocktails. So many great and diverse places, I almost forgot that we were in Bangkok at times. I don’t have that many pictures, as it is always difficult to take good photos in the dark, but I will do my best to describe. And there are a few good shots on my instagram account.

The first place we wanted to try out was Teens of Thailand, a gin bar located in Bangkok’s Chinatown. An up and coming area by the way. Its a small bar, with a list of daily specials as well as different types of Gin and Tonics. We chose to take a four GT flight, to be able to try out and compare different gins. It was marvelous. Four thick glasses with different gins, Fever tree tonics and garnishes, like strawberries, orange peel or even pepper. Four gins can be quite a lot, but it was no problem when sharing for two. Teens of Thailand also has a new sister bar, specialized in rum, called Asia Today. Its just around the corner (we tried that one as well).

Another special bar was Tropic City, a bar focusing on tropical cocktails with Caribbean vibes. The bar is cool, something out of Miami Vice, or Beverly Hills Cop III – very 80’s, with pastel colors and neon flamingos in the window. The cocktails were well made, and yes, tropical. I don’t think I would have had appetite for more than one.

Last but not least, we had booked a table at Q&A bar in Asoke. I have been there before, but M stayed with shorty the last time, when I went out with a friend. Q&A bar is a cool secret bar in the back of an office building. The inside looks a bit like a train cart, and the cocktails at this place are reeaaally special. Service is also top notch, so here we stayed for a few drinks to relax.

We also visited really nice coffee places, but I will leave them for another post. Worth mentioning though, is Karmakamet Diner, in Phrom Pong. Its like a hidden garden behind Emporium shopping mall, and some hotels. Its a really beautiful place with quite good food, fresh cocktails (and mocktails) and killer desserts. Try Strawberry in the clouds. Its not the best tasting dessert I  have ever had, but it is one of the most impressive ones (think rainbow cotton candy).

That’s it for the new and hot in Bangkok. After our trip, I feel I have new energy to go back, and explore some more new areas in the city.

xx Soile

Curry Wurst and homemade beer at Sühring
One of the most beautiful dishes I have seen. Sühring
A Thai version of a Bllody Mary, with chili of course
Chicken satay skewers at Err
Karmakamet Diner
Karmakamet diner
At Wat Pho
The giant resting buddha
Wat Pho surroundings, trying to find the ferry back to the center
Image from the river – riding on a ferry

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