Some Finnish Magic at Haikko

A beautiful sea view opens from the building of the pastel blue mansion. Its a calm and sunny morning. Although I am at a congress center, there are no noisy groups of people, just some couples in the distance, walking and observing the gulf. I have arrived at Haikko mansion, spa and congress center, for a company event, however, I feel as if I am on holiday. 

Haikko is one of those locations that is popular with honeymooners, and I understand why. The main building is picturesque, and the service if fit for kings and queens. Even the business people visiting show respect to the ambiance. A few steps away from the mansion is the spa and congress center. The building is nothing like the mansion its self, but the service is still superb. The spa features different kinds of pools and saunas, from hot Jacuzzis, to ice cold dipping pools. There are also several different beach side saunas one can rent for groups or couples.

The hotel rooms were, however, very average. At least the small room I had for myself, was nothing special. I guess if you come for business, they will not put you in the romantic old mansion.

It all sounds quite a lot like your average spa, right, if you don’t include the good service. But what I found as the distinguishing factor was the possibility for privacy for those who want it. The Haikko grounds have many secluded spots: several small pavilions, piers, a beach and birch forest. The Bollinger bar at the main building sells, well of course Bollinger, and some other bubblies (like Andre Clouet), that one can take away in an ice bucket, and enjoy anywhere in the Haikko grounds. A colleague of mine was soon leaving for a new job, so we bought a bottle of Special Cuvee (although it was a Monday) and enjoyed it on the mansion terrace. We both concluded that that was perhaps the best part of the whole congress.

Haikko is located in Porvoo, just 45 mins drive away from Helsinki.

xx Soile

The main building
In the garden
On the docks
Fancy a dip?
Birch forest
The wetlands
ENtrance to the spa and congress center

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