Singapore Bling

Following our road trip from London to Amsterdam, me and M decided to take a little wine break. The holiday was off course relaxing, however, when you have so many great restaurants to visit, it is inevitable that there will be a lot of wine on the trip. And so we decided to have a “phast” for the remainder of August. It has actually been convenient as I have had an obscene amount of work to do. I have been preparing for one of the highlights of this year, closing in fast in September; I have been invited to SLUSH start up conference in Singapore to promote Tripsteri with Business Finland – can you believe that! So to celebrate that, we are building a Singapore SLUSH special in the app, and it will feature a lot of my tips and tricks from this blog. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I thought I would give a few teasers out in this post on what can be expected.

Cocktail extravaganza

If you have been following this blog, you know I go all cocktail when I go to Asia. Singapore has some pretty quirky places, from rooftop luxury to mad scientist stuff in a cellar. There are some amazing speakeasies behind hidden doors, as well as a free flow cocktail brunch with boozy milkshake station. If cocktails are your thing, Singapore is your playground. But come with a thick wallet, these masterpieces are not to be compared with a bucket of Red Bull and Sam Song Whiskey, they are pieces of art, made with love and precision. My top recommendations are The Other Room at Marriot Tang Plaza, Operation Dagger on Ann Siang Hill and Manhattan at the Fullerton hotel (that’s the one with the boozy milkshake station).

Barbeque and Burgers

When in Singapore, one should really eat at the hawker stands. That is where the locals eat and finds are to be made. However, there is something with barbeque and burgers in Singapore. Maybe it’s the strong expat community that has brought an American touch to Singapore. Try at least Meat Smith on Telok Ayer road, Decker Barbeque at Robertson Quay and the Burger Joint.

Coffe, coffee, coffee

Last but not least, coffee. Singapore has some great roasters to brag about. The most renowned being Nylon, a pioneer in Singapore’s specialty coffee scene. They are still located in what I suspect is their original location, in Everton Park residential complex. When I visited them for the first time exactly five years ago, they were just a hole in the wall. Now the café is larger and more modern, yet the owners are still just as humble, and considerate of the nature. I just read about Nylons recycling program, “bring your own cup” –discounts as well as their newly launched war on plastic straws. In addition to Nylon, Common Man Coffee Roasters is always a great visit. They even have some pretty awesome food and snacks.

So here was a short recap on Singapore. I can’t wait to be there again, and this time for such a wonderful event like SLUSH. I also hope to gather some more recommendations for you while I am there. M is luckily coming with me, so I can always trust him to find all the best new places.

And I will off course tip you off when the app is launched.

xx Soile

The weirdest cocktails in town: grass.hopper at Native
Tradition in the middle of skyscrapers
Cocktails at Po’s
Amoy street temple
Ladies night is on Wednesdays
The silence of sunday morning


Overdose of color
Street art in ChinatownSingapore

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