Hello Singapore!

I am sitting on the buss with butterflies in my stomach. The buss will drive me to the airport, where I will jump on a flight first to Copenhagen and then to Singapore. Normally I would not feel anxious, but this time I’m not going for a holiday or a winery visit – I am heading for Slush Singapore. I have been up since 3am to get used to the time zone change.

Slush is a tech and startup event, born in Finland and exported to Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo. Its an exhibition where startups and investors meet, and there is a very good chance to score new deals and funding. I am traveling together with Business Finland in the delegation for AR/VR companies. Yes, we have come this far with Tripsteri!! For the coming week, I will be meeting with investors, pitching at events and standing tall at the Business Finland ARVR stand at Slush Singapore. Its a real honor to be going, but at the same time this is a terrifying step to the edges of my comfort zone – and I like it. I did not get up (3am) this morning to be mediocre.

To prepare for the trip, we have worked hard during this summer to launch a Singapore guide in the app. I have to say it came out pretty well – I am proud. For the drinks interested readers, the app has a bunch of great suggestions for coffee and cocktails. Wine as you know is a bit scarce in Singapore, but we are going to go and try a few new places that sounded interesting with M – he is already waiting for me there. The app also has some great architectural suggestions as well as vegan and healthy restaurants will be added hopefully during Monday. We have also added co-working spaces and laptop friendly cafes in cooperation with the organizer, which is exciting.

All of our suggestions have some kind of connection to making responsible choices while traveling, either from an ecological, socio-cultural or economic perspective. We aim to direct travelers to small, local businesses, cafes, restaurants and hotels that have adapted sustainable practices and are non-discriminatory and equal. We also have some of the more traditional sights that are important for local heritage, but we encourage visiting them by foot, bike or at least by using public transport. Our app is not perfect (yet) and what is sustainable can always be argued, however, we believe that even the smallest responsible choices build the way towards sustainability of travel. That’s why we have built our app – to make these choices fun and easy.

So wish me luck at Slush Singapore – and remember to download the app! Its free of charge and available for IOS and Android. Even if you are not planning to travel to Singapore you can browse the beautiful pictures and listen to the audio story of Stamford Raffles, the founder of the mighty city state. I hope you like it, and please don’t hesitate to leave some comments and suggestions!

xx Soile

Tripsteri-Singapore-add vol 2.

Most locals eat at Hawker centers – Photocredits: Jeff Masilungan
The tree top walk at Mc Ritchies Reservoir
Shopping at ION – Photocredits: Joel Sjöberg
Cultural heritage at Chinatown – Marco Verch
Singapores coffee pioneer Nylon – photocredits: Nylon
Open Farm Community grow their own ingredients – Photocredits: Open Farm Community-
Bak Kuh Teh – traditional Singaporean soup is a tasty introduction to historical Singapore – Photo: Pixabay

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