Two Great Wine Bars in Amsterdam

Sometimes its not a coincidence why great wine bars stand out in a big city – there are usually a handful of very wine curious people who decide to open more than one place. We are drawn to a particular style of wine bar, M and I. We like small, cozy, bodega-style places with a well-selected list by the glass and some bar food. We don’t mind if its fancy bar food, but the service should be casual. In a big city like Amsterdam, we have been lucky to find our favorites, and I would like to share them with you. Its not a coincidence that t´both bars share the same owner. 


A natural wine bar in the De Pijp district of Amsterdam.  The atmosphere is undeniably cozy with dark wood walls, elegant Jugendstil-esque windows, and wooden tables at which to sip a glass of sparkling pét-nat. In the summer, the terrace is spread out on the wide pavement, where one can relax and gaze at locals biking by. The bar menu is typical french, yet ever changing, with cheeses and charcuteries, olives and almonds, snails in butter and garlic etc. As well as the food menu, the wine-list changes often. GlouGlou brings in a case, serves it to the customers and then tries something new. It never gets boring to come here.

Bar Centraal

Bar Centraal is located in the Old West in the corner of the Ten Kate Market and Bellamystraat, close to Foodhallen market. The apple does not fall far from the tree as Bar Centraal also displays an similar level of coziness as its big brother GlouGlou. The space is however somewhat bigger and the advantage is that here you can book s table in advance (GlouGlou is just walk in). Regardless of the ownership, the wine list if different and the food is more innovative.  The internationally oriented kitchen staff changes some of the dishes every week, so there is a good reason to revisit. Think of something like Cod of the North Sea with miso and orange.

There you go: two great reasons to visit Amsterdam any time of the year. As you see from the pictures, I would perhaps opt for the summer when the fantastic terraces are open.

xx Soile

GlouGlou facade in De Pijp
A glass of Sancerre
Ladies enjoying the wines at GlouGlou
Patrik at Bar Centraal
Our aperitifs – cant remember exactly what they were, but the light one is a Pet-Nat
Orange wine at Bar Centraal
A place to relax and read a book


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