Veggie Wonderland in Stockholm

I am an omnivore – I eat everything. And don’t get me wrong, I really like meat. However, I am a fan of the veggie-wave that has washed over my home city of Stockholm. When I was younger, the vegetarian dish on the menu was something that came out of a jar. Today, some of the best tasting menus in town are green, and I really appreciate it. Not because I don’t want there to be meat, but I, like many, believe that it is good for your health to have a good intake of plants. It does not feel like a sacrifice, because vegetarian food today is super delicious. I know this is a popular topic, so I thought I would give a few tips for having a good green meal (with wine and other yummy drinks) in Stockholm.

Mathias Dahlgren’s Rutabaga

Rutabaga is a venture of starred chef Mathias Dahlgren, who clearly has his eye on getting the first star in Stockholm for a vegetarian restaurant. The menu features vegetarian delicacies from all over the world: eggplant Tokyo style, green curry with cucumber and endive salad from Rhodos. The cocktails are vegetable based as well. Rutabaga Sour is made from swede and turnip juice, rum and fresh lime. Rutabaga is in the famous Grand Hotel, and its prices make small hole in the wallet. However, if fine dining and vegetarian cuisine are your thing, this is the place to come to.

Vegan fast food from The Plant

The Plant is a vegan fast food restaurant, located in Teatern, a fancy food court at Ringen Centrum mall in Södermalm. The Plants burgers include interesting ingredients, such as mushroom sauce and cowberries. A good selection of plant based burgers, tasty ecological potatoes, creamy hummus and even a dish called Pancake Pesto Salad! As companion to the food fresh ecological drinks such as ginger soda and kombucha.

Lao Wai – Best vegan Chinese food in town

This restaurant has an authenticity guarantee. Raw materials used are the same as for a traditional Chinese kitchen. Many spices and sauces are made from scratch and the food is served as in China, to be shared by the whole party. Lao Wai is not considered the cheapest place to in town, however it is said by many to be the best vegan restaurant in the whole of Stockholm.

Fabulous vegetarian dishes and gin tonics at Bar Agrikultur

Bar Agrikultur is a simpler bistro, or mini restaurant as they call it, by the owners of Restaurant Agrikultur in Vasastan. The bar serves good wines, small dishes from seasonal Swedish ingredients and infused gin tonics. A local gin distiller, Stockholm Bränneri, makes an infusion especially for them. This is a great place to come regardless of diet. There is something for all, vegans and carnivores alike. The food at Bar Agrikultur is served in medium-sized dishes. Menu includes plates like fried potatoes inspired by the Spotted Pig, a one star bistro in New York – you know what I’m talking about if you have been there, beets with watercress, heirloom tomatoes and ricotta and two different types of skewers. The wine list is nature inspired and includes wines from small producers.

Hermans – The pioneer of vegetarian Stockholm

Hermans is a relaxed vegetarian restaurant on Södermalm heights has one of the best vegetarian buffets in town. The owner, Herman Ottoson is known as the man who brought vegetarian cuisine to Stockholm in the 1990’s, and this sustainability focused restaurant, renovated in 2006 is a tribute to his legacy. The buffet features cuisines from around the world, and the offering is generous. No one leaves this restaurant hungry. In the summer, the terrace is open and offers fantastic vegan delights from the grill, accompanied by a selection of ecological beers. Give peas a chance!

How’d you like the tips? Doesn’t sound too bad to be a vegetarian in Stockholm does it? All these places can also soon be found in our Tripsteri Stockholm app. Launch for the second edition is due in the beginning of the year. The app includes even more tips for vegans and vegetarians, so make sure to download and browse it through.

xx Soile

Fried potatoes Spotted Pig style. Photo: Soile Vauhkonen
Tomato and ricotta salad at Bar Agrikultur. Photo: Soile Vauhkonen
Snacks at Rutabaga. Photo: Soile Vauhkonen
Green curry at Rutabaga. Photo: Soile Vauhkonen
Rutabaga cocktails. Photo: Soile Vauhkonen
Rutabaga cocktails. Photo: Soile Vauhkonen
Deep fried eggplant at Rutabaga. Photo: Soile Vauhkonen
Watercress salad at Bar Agrikultur. Photo: Soile Vauhkonen

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