Photography Walk in Sydney

I guess I should call this a good holiday, since I have not touched my computer in over a week. We have been spending Christmas week on the beach in Cairn, and done some nice day trips which I will write about later on. However, I feel it was time to post some pictures from Sydney. I actually found the city quite intriguing – much similarity to London and the UK (not a surprise), but also New York, or East Coast US at least and Singapore. Such an unusual mix, but so obvious. I did a photography walk one morning, starting at 6 and ending around 9 am. I am actually quite pleased with the route and what I got out of it, so I thought it would be nice to share it with you.

I started with walking along Regent street towards Sydney Opera House. It was quiet in the business district with just a few early birds on their way to work. Too much road works to really catch pictures from the main road, but I popped into a few alleys such as Angel Place, which was recommended as a good photography spot. There are some bird cages hanging with wires, making it quite a cool street to photograph. I think I should have been there a bit later in the day or at sundown for more interesting lighting.

The walk along the harbor towards the Opera House is also impressive, with the Sydney Harbour Bridge unfolding to a magnificent view step by step. There was an annoying large cruise liner blocking some of the nice view, but there are so many different angles that it didn’t really matter.

I reached the Opera House around 7 am. No tourists. Seriously. NO OTHER TOURISTS. The Opera House was all mine, with the exception of a few shirtless joggers who were just a plus. So many nice angles to shoot from and a blue sky in the background. I am rarely impressed by major tourist sites, just the Sydney Opera House with its weird shapes and sand colored surface was actually quite touching. And the fact that there was no one destroying my view. I should go out at 6 am more often.

I also wanted to shoot the Opera House from another angle, from under or behind the Sydney Harbour Bridge from Dawes Point. Its a good spot to get a nice photograph, but the ugly neon yellow road signs really ruined my day. I’m glad I walked all the way to the Opera House and did not bet only on the Dawes Point shot. From Dawes Point, there is also a nice view of Luna Park. I should have had a longer lens for that, but I am just too lazy to carry that around.

After all the tourist shots, I walked along the coast to Barangaroo. Its a small area with offices, shops and restaurants, and great architecture. Its like a candy shop for people who like to photograph buildings, like I do. And my new full frame Nikon D750 worked like a charm. I would have failed miserably with the old D5500. Barangaroo has some nice modern structures and sculptures. I made it there around 8:30, so it was very busy with people going to work. I think it could look quite nice in the afternoon as well, or at night. The light at 8:30 am was starting to be a bit harsh.

My last stop was Chinatown. I was a bit too beat to really browse around. There are some details, but I think one needs to really think about it. So I headed towards the obvious, which is Kimber Lane: a back alley with street art. The walls are painted a bit like clouds, and there are baby angels hanging with wires. I hear the lane is awesome at night, when the babies are lit up with neon colors – not creepy at all. I opted to browse Chinatown just during the day, mainly due to jet lag (I was exhausted every evening, and had wine).

There you go! Just to make sure you have some variety from drinking wine, take a photowalk even if you just have your mobile. This was a good three hours of fresh air and early morning life in Sydney. I felt very refreshed after.

xx Soile

Birdcages hanging on Angel Place
Walking towards the Opera House
It was only me and the joggers at the Opera House – I cant believe my luck!
SHapes and shadows at the Opera House
I still cant believe I was the only tourist on the spot at 8 am
View over the water to Luna Park
Opera House with some bridge structures
Barangaroo highrises
Barangaroo overwalk
Barangaroo architecture
Barangaroo shopping street
Early morning sun at Barangaroo
Sculptures at Barangaroo
Lamps in Chinatown
Kimber Lane – Do I need to say more..

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