Things to do in Cairns vol 1.

You might have noticed my posting schedule has been a bit distracted. One word – holiday! I don’t even know what day of the week it is and that’s great. For the past week, we have been in Adelaide, in South Australia. However, before that, we spent a week up north in Cairns, the tropical part of Australia: Great Barrier Reef, rain forest, beaches, the works. What they don’t have up there is good food and wine. It just amazes me. Queensland has a lot of great produce and farming, however somehow, the tourist towns don’t seem to get their share of it. We survived a week with take out and half-decent Japanese food, but my God we are glad to be in a proper city again. However, it was still great to be up in Cairns and we did some very awesome outdoorsy stuff. And here is a post on one great day: a sailing trip to Green Island. 

When on the Great Barrier Reef, one should always do some snorkeling or diving. For divers, the options are threefold: take it easy and go on a day cruise, go on a day trip to the outer reef with a dive boat and feel like cattle, or go on a liveboard for a few days to the awesome reefs far away from the coast. I haven’t been diving in a long time, so I chose option number one. I dipped in with an instructor next to Green Island and it was like getting up on a bike again. The reef was not that impressive (at all), but I really enjoyed to be under the water again.

The sailing trips are mainly for snorkelers, and no wonder – there is a lot to see just a few meters under the surface. Turtles and reef sharks come and hang around the boats.  We went with a company called Ocean Free. The sail boat takes only a small group and has its own exclusive snorkeling area. The company also had a good serving: coffee and pastries, smorgasbord lunch and sundown wine and cheese. Everything was attended to really well. The equipment such as masks, snorkels and fins were also in good shape and the boats toilet acceptable (they are never nice). Ocea Free is a bit more pricey than some of the other day trips, however, I think it was worth the extra buck to be able to have a bit more personalized service (and not feel like cattle).

We were also transported for an hours walk around to Green Island. There is not much there except for the beach, but what a beach it is. Crystal clear water and silky smooth sand. There are also lifeguards on duty, so one can swim safe and sound. For those craving more privacy, just beyond the common beach the sandy patch continues around the island. There is no swimming beyond the common beach, however, it is a nice walk and awesome for photos. There is also a crocodile reserve on the island, where one can see a 5 meter long crock. We did not go in, however the others that did seemed to like it quite a lot.

Some small tips for the trip: bring your own towel and sun screen. Go for minimum + 50, the sun is really strong and you can burn easily in the water. Stay in the shade even though the deck of the boat is tempting and DRINK, not wine but water (the wine of the boat was bag-in-box).

Happy New Year!

xx Soile

Beach on Green Island
Lifeguards on duty
Take a walk away from the common beach and there is no-one there
White sand and turquoise water
Mainland at sunset from the sea
Sailing back from Green Island

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