Time to Take a Break

This post has been lingering at my fingertips for a long time – Its time for me to admit it that I need a break. I have been writing the Winecurious for more than three years (maybe four) and there is a lot of love in these pages and it pains me to stop trying. However, time is something that is precious, and I have come to the conclusion that I need to dedicate it to other things. Mostly my family and Tripsteri. Continue reading “Time to Take a Break”

Two Restaurants and a Cafe – Stockholm

Its been a while since we have been out and about in Stockholm (few weeks back at GruGrus does not count). Travel is great, but being home is the best, and I was delighted to try a few new places. I am also glad to say these were all good, so they will become a permanent part of our travel guide Tripsteri App. Week ago Friday night we went out to eat some Korean food at Madam Stockholm. Saturday we had brunch at Cafe Gast and dinner at Restaurant Voisine.  Continue reading “Two Restaurants and a Cafe – Stockholm”