Two Restaurants and a Cafe – Stockholm

Its been a while since we have been out and about in Stockholm (few weeks back at GruGrus does not count). Travel is great, but being home is the best, and I was delighted to try a few new places. I am also glad to say these were all good, so they will become a permanent part of our travel guide Tripsteri App. Week ago Friday night we went out to eat some Korean food at Madam Stockholm. Saturday we had brunch at Cafe Gast and dinner at Restaurant Voisine. 

Authentic Korean at Madam Stockholm

This modern sleek restaurant brings something that Stockholm has really been missing, an authentic Korean restaurant. The owner is Swedish but has lived in Seoul and has brought back great food with him, the yukhoe (Korean beef tartar) and the steaming hot bibimbap are alone worth a visit. Reservations are recommended. The drinks are unfortunately very Swedish. Not saying they are bad, however, Madam could have done quite a lot with some signature cocktails and/ or light lager beers. We were trying to convince the staff to take in some Makgeolli, so lets see if that ever appears on the menu. Otherwise a fresh beer will do fine as a companion for the food.

New Brunch Favorite Cafe Gast

It is not easy to stand out among the café in Stockholm these days but Gast really do. They serve amazing bowls, many of them vegan or vegetarian, as well as great smoothies and excellent breakfast and brunch dishes such as steel cut oats porridge and avocado bread. Combine that with excellent specialty coffee from several Swedish coffee roasters such as Koppi, Morgon and Per Nordby there is no wonder the place is popular. In addition to vegan and vegetarian options they also have plenty of non-dairy and gluten free options. The cafe is popular, but there is quite a lot of space to sit. The worst time of the year is also soon over, so coffee and cakes to go and head out for a picnic on Observatoerielunden.

Winelovers Voisine and Folii

These are actually two separate restaurants – siblings to be exact. They have the same creators and owner and they are located next door from each other. Even though I only visited Voisine this weekend, I feel I cannot just talk about one of them. Folii, I had the pleasure to test last summer.

The praise has been constant for small Folii wine bar on the Eastern edge of Södermalm and it is well deserved. The wine list is innovative and most wines are available by the glass. On Fridays, Folii always opens some interesting bottles of champagne just for one night only. For example, last Wednesday they had a very special visitor, Olivier Horiot, pouring and talking about his wines. OMG! Such a wine-geeky comment. No reservations and it is popular but they somehow often manage to find space. In the summer there is a terrace outside. They serve a limited food menu with smaller plates but for the hungry visit Voisine next door.

Voisine is a cozy restaurant with focus on great wine and a mix of Swedish and Mediterranean food made from local produce. The weekly changing menu usually offers a good mix of vegetarian as well as meat and fish dishes. The set 3 course menu is a bargain at 300 SEK. There are always a few good champagnes by the glass on the list as well as Neighborhood Gin from Stockholms Bränneri.

So four fun places for the to-do list if you have not visited! Soon to be found also on the Tripsteri App!

xx Soile

Madam Stockholm bar – Photo: Madam Stockholm
Bibimbap – Photo: Madam Stockholm
Clean and sleek design at Madam – Photo: Madam Stockholm
Avocado on rye at Gast – Photo: Soile Vauhkonen
Tasty bowls at Gast – Photo: Soile Vauhkonen
Steel cut oats with cinnamon and apple – Photo: Soile Vauhkonen
Summer fresh peas and mint at Folii – Photo: Soile Vauhkonen
Gruyère at Folii – Photo: Soile Vauhkonen
Wines by the glass with the Coravin – Photo: Soile Vauhkonen
Pork steak with grilled leeks and red beets – Photo: Soile Vauhkonen
Seating at Voisine – Photo: Soile Vauhkonen
Champagne Philipponat 2011 – Photo: Soile Vauhkonen
Neighborhood Gin at Voisine – Photo: Soile Vauhkonen



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