Time to Take a Break

This post has been lingering at my fingertips for a long time – Its time for me to admit it that I need a break. I have been writing the Winecurious for more than three years (maybe four) and there is a lot of love in these pages and it pains me to stop trying. However, time is something that is precious, and I have come to the conclusion that I need to dedicate it to other things. Mostly my family and Tripsteri.Tripsteri has grown during the past year enourmously. Just a year ago our app was merely a small portion of what it is now, and we are starting to have some major corporate customer. Its quite exciting. We are really growing fast: cooperating with cities, developing new features and showcasing at different events. The brand is still relatively unknown, but our books have taken over the best shelf space in Finnish bookshops. People really like the products and that a good sign.

I will continue writing off course. You can follow me on Instagram (which I will not bear to give up) and we are opening a blog on www.tripsteriapp.com, and the engligh texts will be my doing. There will be a lot of travel tips: awesome pictures, restaurant reviews and off course top lists of wine bars around the world. Maybe a bit less sarcasm and self ridiculing, but you know me – it wont bee too serious. I hope you travel lovers follow me there!

So farewell for now. I will re-evaluate my time-situation in the summer and see if I have a chance to start up the blog again. You only know how much you care about something when its gone. Hope to run into you on tripsteriapp.com!

xx Soile

PS. Featured image by Tuulia Kolehmainen

Caught on camera sipping on Sauvignon Blanc







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