Drinking in the Midnight Sun

Up here in the Nordics, we are blessed with a special phenomenon: the June midnisht sun. This means that the sun does not go down at all, but it is light around the clock. Now some people might no like it, as it is sometimes hard to sleep in light. But the midnight sun and beloved Midsummer festival are what we are born and raised with. Midsummer is when most people start their vacations, eat good food, jump into the freezing lake (from the Sauna) and perhaps get a little bit drunk. Continue reading “Drinking in the Midnight Sun”

The Second Annual Coffee Festival by Johan&Nyström

It is coffee Monday again and normally on Monday’s there will be a cafe or coffee bar review but today I opted to write a bit about the Swedish micro roaster Johan & Nyström’s Coffee Festival. It was held a few weekends ago at Södra Teatern in Stockholm. This was the second year it was held and I was not even going to go as I was fairly disappointed the first time around.

The set-up this time had however been improved with more focus on the coffee and less on music and other things around it. Main sponsors seemed to be Oatly and Moccamaster. I do get the need for sponsors but the fact that Oatly is the sponsor means that there was no milk just the wheat based milk substitute they sell. I tried it in a cappuccino and was a bit disappointed – it did by no means taste bad but the wheat flavor was rather overwhelming so the coffee did not at all manage to impact the flavor at all.

The fact that Moccamaster is the other sponsor worked better, using the Moccamaster to brew the batch brews worked nicely. There was also a variety of different stations where one could sample the same coffees made with different methods so nice to try the same Kenyan on V60, Moccamaster, Aeropress and Chemex. Nice cold brew station was also a highlight.

In addition to this there were also workshops such as latte art, espresso making and interesting lectures. The set-up was perhaps more geared towards people who are not yet that knowledgeable about specialty coffee. The range of coffee would benefit if they would also cooperate with other micro roasters as it would be more interesting if also some other roasters were represented or that they would present small batch coffees that are not available in their regular store. I did not really try any coffee that I had not already sampled so it was in a sense a pleasant event but I would not really feel that it would have been worth paying for so I was happy I got a free spot here.

It is however a great introduction to specialty coffee and Johan & Nyström are once again making a great effort in marketing specialty coffee in Sweden.