The hidden molecule bar at Operation Dagger, Singapore

Here is a treat for you for cocktail-Thursday: Operation Dagger, a speakeasy with a hint of mad scientist potential. Located in a basement on Ann Siang Hill, next to the famous Club street, the stairway to the bar is hidden behind a simple glass door. The only identification is the small logo, unnoticeable if you are not looking for it. We were out on a Saturday night and surprisingly there was not that much people coming and going to give away what is inside.

The decor is industrial meets Scandinavian minimalism (read: upper-class hipster). There are not that many seats, but the space is airy (despite being in a cellar) and I could imagine standing around would not be too laborious. There is a long bar with shelves and shelves of ingredients in plain brown and white jars. I did spot a past acquaintance from my days working for a paint company, a bottle of Titanium dioxide (white pigment). I cant’ believe they use that for drinks (should not be dangerous, but yuk), and wonder what else is in the jars. There is a laboratory next to the bar area, which I suspect is where the magic is invented by the house drinks master.

The drinks list is small but creative with around 6-8 interesting cocktails and some beers and wine. We went for a Sugarcane with some chili, cinnamon and pandan flavors, a Hot n Cold (Hot on top, cold on the bottom) that was more like a liquid dessert and the Mulled wine, which is pretty much what the name suggests but prepared in a syphon with some impressive flame-action and fresh fruit. All the drinks were very good, and I am almost disappointed we did not have time for another round; the Egg sounded interesting.

Price-wise Operation Dagger is equivalent to other nice cocktail bars in Singapore with prices of around 22-25 SGD (13-16€). It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it. Staff are friendly and take time to prepare your drinks. This is a perfect place for an after dinner drink or as a kick-start to a club-night.