Loire on my mind

This week has been quite demanding. I will not go into details why, but to make the day a bit more cheerful, I started thinking about what kind of wines I want to drink in 2017. And what better to lighten up the mood than thoughts of “the garden of France”, Loire Valley. As mentioned in my forecast for the year, Loire wines are thought to be in high demand in 2017. Poilly-Fume and Sancerre are already well known and loved; however, I see less known appellations like Anjou, Saumur and Vouvray appearing on menus of wine bars and restaurants.  Continue reading “Loire on my mind”

A Playfull Dinner at Punk Royale, Stockholm

There is a new kid in town and his name is Punk Royale!

Stockholm is a city of food trends. There is a constant vibe in the air, a search for the next big thing in culinary delights. Hamburgers are going out and Japansese Izakayas appear to be coming in. Punk Royale represents an immortal genre in the Nordic countries, the Sacndinavian kitchen, but the food (and the whole dinner) is executed in a playfull manner, to be trendy of course.

When we arrived at the small restaurant, we were seated at our table with a pile of legos and an egg. Yes, an egg, a raw one with its top cracked open. After ordering a bubbly aperitif (the options were a boring Laurent Perrier and a somewhat more interesting Cremant de Loire, guess which one I chose) I hit the pile and started building. It has been a while since I have played with Legos, but I remember them being (especially the space ones) my absolutely favorite toys as a child. We had the only option the five course dinner with 10 small dishes and as we were in a festive mood (due to it being Saturday) we also signed up for the drinks flight.

The first course was caviar, served on the top of my hand, followed by a schnaps of Finlandia Vodka. I looked at the vodka suspiciously as I am not the one for hard liqueur straight up (regardless if it is the national drink of Finland, my home country) . However, after the fatty caviar, the vodka tasted fresh and sweet. When the second course arrived, we understood what the egg was for. The cook came with a small steaming hot frying pan and made an omelette at the table.

I really don’t recall all the exact dishes we had that evening, and I will not mention them all, but here are some of my favorites: the smiley face foie grass toasts, blood pudding with bacon and the small cheese puffs that arrived in a mouse trap. During the dinner, the staff did all kinds of weird things. They hung a clothes pin from Ms ear, rubbed another guest with a fox fur, and there were some strange people sitting around for hours on a flight of stair. Weird, I say, but entertaining.

Looking at the drinks we had: a really excellent Punk Royale IPA, Chardonnay, some very buttery Sauvignon Blanc and xxx Red. To finish off, we had a cup of punsch (very Swedish Arrack based alcoholic beverage). The staff were knowledgeable (they apologized for the house champagne being Laurent Perrier), and the ambience cozy. The dinner all in all was excellent. Very sea food heavy, which is not Ms forte, but still flavourful. I, for example, had the best oyster in my life (perhaps due to it being submerged in butter and garlic).

The menu changes slightly every week, a few dishes at a time, so in around two months or so we can go again and sample all new dishes. And we will, if we can get a table. With just 26 seats and one seating, one must be quick to grab a table reservation. I am not surprised about the popularity as the menu is only 600 SEK with the drinks flight making it double. 1200 SEK for such a meal was a steal. For a fun night out in Stockholm, this is the place to be! But beware! The drinks flight is quite generous, so there is a high risk of getting drunk.