Grape Love: Malvasia

When I write these pieces on specific varieties, I try to bring out some small or less known grapes that are somehow significant to my wine interest at that time. With eastern Europe raising it’s profile as a wine region (I guess Eastern Europe is many regions), Malvasia has been the grape in my glass often this spring. What sparked my grape-love towards Malvasia was probably some of the natural Italian sparkling wines produced with the ancestral method. There is a lot of interesting nature wines (including orange wines) carrying Malvasia on the market. The variety is ancient: incumbent to Greece and the Mediterranean, but widely spread out to Italy and Spain as well as overseas. It is also the main variety used for making one out of four different types of fortified Madeira.  Continue reading “Grape Love: Malvasia”

Wineweek 51: Preparing for the Holiday Season

I love Christmas! Its one of my favorite times of the year. Bright lights and candles, great food and presents; not to forget a good excuse to buy some great wines (as if I need an excuse). However, every year, Christmas starts too early if you ask me. Who wants to bring out the decorations already in rainy and gray November? As a business owner, you realize that you kind of have to. Continue reading “Wineweek 51: Preparing for the Holiday Season”