The Afterlife of Noma

I did something really fun and spontaneous in the beginning of this week: I took a last minute flight to  accompany M to Copenhagen (where he was heading for a business trip).  He had been going on and on at home about his plans to visit 108, the new restaurant opened by the people behind Noma. So what can I say: you shouldn’t brag about going if you don’t want your wife to join. Noma was one of the most well known restaurants in the world (1st on Worlds top 50 restaurants for many consecutive years) until it’s closure this fall. As Noma turned down the lights, 108 was born; with René Redzepi as the owner and Christan Baumann as head chef. 108 is a cafe, bar and bistro keeping the trend of New Nordic Kitchen alive, but in a more casual setting. Continue reading “The Afterlife of Noma”

Wineweek 94: A Walk in Copenhagen

This week has reminded me that there is still some summer left. Perhaps just a few more days, but nevertheless, temperatures have hiked up to 25C. The mornings have been crisp though, so every day I have dressed up like its ten degrees colder. A bit annoying actually. Just look at the pictures below, everybody (else) is wearing shorts. I spent a few days in Copehangen this week, as you can probably tell based on the topic. I was there for business but had time to walk around the center and visit some of my favorite places: the Torvehallene market, Coffee Collective and Ved Stranden 10 wine bar.  Continue reading “Wineweek 94: A Walk in Copenhagen”

Perhaps the Best Wine Bar in Copenhagen

It is a warm and sunny August afternoon an I am strolling down towards the canals in central Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. I am not wandering aimlessly. I have a destination. It is Ved Stranden 10, perhaps the best wine bar I know. At least the best wine bar I know in Copenhagen. Ved Stranden is also a wine shop, so if you like what you drink, you can buy a bottle to take home. I wish this kind of concept was possible in Sweden. Continue reading “Perhaps the Best Wine Bar in Copenhagen”

Forloren espresso -among the top places for coffe in Copenhagen

Today the coffee bar review focuses on Copenhagen and then most of you are probably thinking that it will be Coffee Collective but think again. While I am actually writing this from Coffee collective at Torvehallarna the focus is one of my favorite coffee bars, the small Forloren Espresso. They are a nice addition to the otherwise largely touristy area around Kongens Nytorv. They have a clear focus on quality coffee and often have for example La Cabra available. They do however rotate the selection and usually have a few different hand brews to choose from. Execution is usually very good, have had a few that have been really great but always at least good. Espresso based is also reliable.

Service is usually polite but I would not call it friendly. It is also very meticulous and may be a bit slow at times. So while the execution is good, there may be a wait for your coffee and there is perhaps not much of an invitation to chat or talk with the staff. That said I still like it and while it feels more un-Danish (would be more Swedish or Finnish) to be a bit quiet they still do a good is job. There is also free wifi so while the place is small it is still possible to sit around for a while.

There are also some pastries and cafe style food so no need to go hungry. I would however perhaps still mainly come for the coffee. All in all a very good place for coffee in a city that despite some really good places suffer from a pretty poor average quality.

So how does rate:
Coffee quality: 4
Ambiance and service: 3.5
Food: 3
Vs local competition: 5