Grand Champagne Vol.1

When thinking about what to write about Grand Champagne, I really had a hard time keeping it short. There is just so much to share. So I decided to split the story in two, starting with the press event and professionals tasting on Friday morning. The second post will focus on the consumer event as well as Master classes. Continue reading “Grand Champagne Vol.1”

Wineweek 132: At the Champagne Event of the Year

Sun fun and champagne, those are the ingredients for a great weekend. And a great weekend it has been indeed; time well spent in Helsinki and the Grand Champagne wine fair. Grand Champagne is a one of a kind event. Fifty great names from my favorite wine region in France, all under one roof for three days, filling the glasses of the wider public. There are also master classes for those who are deeply interested. Continue reading “Wineweek 132: At the Champagne Event of the Year”

A Night at Le Nom

As we are approaching the holidays, I want to lift up a few places in Stockholm that are great for having a pre-Christmas (or post-Christmas) dinner. I finally made it to Le Nom a few weeks back, and I must say it is the perfect spot for some relaxation, good wine and tasty food.  Exactly what you need An evening at Le Nom was kind of like an evening in Paris: lively, casual and chic. The service, however, is very unfrench: friendly and attentive. Continue reading “A Night at Le Nom”

Legendary Burgers at Oljebaren

Stockholm is the city of food trends and there is nothing more trendy than a good burger. To be honest, getting hyped about a burger is a bit passé, but I don’t believe it will ever really go out of fashion. If you want to get a yummy burger in Stockholm, there are several good places, Oljebaren being one of the traditional ones. This gastro pub will however close it’s doors in November, so you should hurry to have a bite before it is too late.

Oljebaren is located in the heart of Vasastan close to the St. Eriksplan station. The front of the bar does not demand much attention, but when peaking in it invites to stay. The restaurant has a spacious ground floor (cramped with tables) and a small upstairs. There is a long bar with seating, so one can also enjoy a dinner with a view over the action. Even on a Monday the bar was fully packed with people. The ambiance is cozy and gives a home-kitchen kind of feel. We were a party of three with a pushchair and the staff really made a great effort to cramp up in with all of our bearings. I must say the helpful attitude made a good impression on me.

I can see familiar bottles on the wall
I can see familiar bottles on the wall

The wine list was actually quite interesting, even though I would have assumed that this is more of a beer place. They had a cava by the glass, Pere Ventura Primer Brut Reserva, for 85 SEK. This was a very pleasant surprise as Pere Ventura is the brother of Oscar and Xavier Ventura, whom are behind the Llagrima d’Or and Peret Fuster cavas that we sell (they have quite a large family). The taste was fresh with green apple, citrus and orange blossoms. Good value for money I would say. The other bubbly by the glass was the Drappier Carte d’Or for 99 SEK. I really like the style of the house of Drappier so this is, to my opinion, a steal for champagne in Stockholm.

The burger in all it's glory
The burger in all it’s glory

The burger was, well, fantastic! The beef was perfectly medium rare, the home-baked bread soft and all other fillings (like the sauce and Gryerge-cheese) fresh and of high quality. The burger came with lovely sides of crunchy fries and fresh coleslaw. No party tricks or glamour, just an honest traditional burger. As a companion to the burger we ordered beer. The list was good as is normal in Stockholm (the Swedes like their Micro-brewery beer) and we ended up ordering some Dugges Saison and Brew Dog IPA’s. It is a shame this place will close, but luckily there are many other burger places in town. I however recommend to visit while you still have the chance.