Wineweek 108:Avoiding Bad Life

Three months has passed at the speed of three weeks. New projects and management at work, the move to a new apartment and too much travel – It had been draining. We have had very little time for wine and writing, using the last hours of the day for achieving a minimal effort. The speed of things really hit me this weekend, as we decided to take it slow: sit at cafes, take long naps and do some unplanned (but not unnecessary) shopping for wine. Something must change next year, if we are to retain all our beloved hobbies. But luckily, we have our annual trip closing in, where we will have plenty of time to reflect. Continue reading “Wineweek 108:Avoiding Bad Life”

Coffee Bar Review : Good Life Coffee, Helsinki

In some ways it feels as if Helsinki is becoming one of the more exciting coffee destinations, if not in Europe at least in the Nordics. Good life has been around for a while and has always been a solid option for a good cup of coffee.  They used to offer a variety of mainly Nordic roasters and as such was a very interesting place to visit as the selection rotates. They are these days roasting themselves and doing it well but what is really great is that they still take some other roasters in occasionally to provide some variety.

Good Life Coffee is located in the Kallio area in North Helsinki. The area as such is increasingly attracting a hipster crowd and of course Good Life Coffee is no different. It is still however pleasant and relaxed so I really like the vibe. It also has very friendly and knowledgeable service so always possible to have a nice chat with the staff. They are a great source for information on what goes on at the Helsinki coffee scene. The free WiFi also makes it a good place to sit for a bit longer.

The quality of the coffee is consistently very high. I usually go for something hand-brewed but the espresso based beverages are also very nicely prepared.

There are very nice pastries and cookies as well as breakfast and sandwiches. No real hot food but the stuff they have is good. There is also some very nice chocolate and locally produced juices.

So how does it rate:

Coffee Quality : 4
Service & Ambiance : 4.5
Food: 3.5
Vs local average : 4.5