Coffee bar review: Ink & Lion (Bangkok)

This superbly cute and well designed cafe (also a mini art gallery) is on a small side street (off Sukhumvit 63) next to a Danish design store and variety of different restaurants. It does stand out in its splendid design and they have somehow created a very nice spot mixing a distinct Asian feel with a clean Scandinavian like design. The same care that has gone in to the design also comes through in everything here. They sell a variety of cute post cards, mini prints, paintings, nice coffee gear (some of it at least a bit different), some bags and of course coffee beans.

The service was very friendly, the staff were happy to explain more about the coffee and the concept. They try to vary the beans every week and when I was in first time it was a focus on Hong Kong so some interesting stuff from there. After chatting for a while with them opted for the Colombian Geisha from the Cupping Room and the Colombian Finca Vera Cruz from 18 grams both from HK. The staff also made sure I knew the price of the geisha coffee and I sort of like that even when it is clearly displayed on the menu (as it is a bit pricey it does not hurt to make sure one understands what it is). The coffee was really well prepared, I could follow the procedure and they came out and let me sniff the grinds as well. They also made sure to heat the cup before brewing into it. The geisha was excellent, and the other Colombian coffee was good but could not compare to the geisha but they really proved they can make great coffee here.

Food wise it is not a great selection, only some mini pastries from Size S (at 55 THB a piece) and some mini scones but they are really adorable and very tasty. It is not the place to come for a full meal but the coffee is really in focus here.

So how does it rate:
Coffee quality: 4.5
Ambiance and Service: 5
Food: 3
Vs Local Average Competition: 5