Summer Wine Bar at Woodstockholm

Saturday early evening, the weather is typical for Swedish summer. Warm, but rainy. We have to make a run for it if we want to be sheltered from the storm. We find our way to the wine bar on Moseback torg. It has been set up for the summer in the furniture store of Woodstockholm. It is dark and cozy inside. Just one long table with candles and a few random people sitting enjoying a glass of wine. We are greeted by the bartender with a wide smile. I feel we have come to the right place.

I think I have mentioned Woodstockholm a few times. It is a furniture store and restaurant, and now in the summer also a wine bar. The bar has been set up in the section that is normally the furniture boutique. The space is small, but in efficient use. There is one long table with chairs on both sides. The sommelier walk around and there is a kitchen in the back. The kitchen makes a set of small plates for being served at the wine bar. Perhaps they even help out with some cold dishes for the restaurant. I don’t think there is any cooking done there in the back room.

The house champagne that night was a Laherte Blanc de Blancs. Even though I have had it before, I am pleased with the grower choice. Later I learn that the wine list changes quite often, including the house champagne. M takes a glass of Chardonnay from Jura. It is so good with notes of vanilla and butter. The wine has clearly been in oak, but not for too long. The oaky flavors are quite delicate. The white is so good that I negotiate a half/half deal with M (I get half of his and he gets half of mine), which s nothing unusual when we go out for wine.

The second round is a tougher choice: Should we go for the Mencia from Bierzo (made by a lady that has worked for Domaine Romanee Conti), the bourgogne blanc, a spanish white from Galicia or the sommelier recommended charismatic white Chateauneufdupape. We stick with whites: Galicia and Chateauneufdupape, and luckily get to have a small taste of the Mencia later. We also order some small snacks: whipped pork (Genius!) and cow tartar with chorizo. Both taste very good, but the whipped pork is the real star. Just the concept of it is awesome.

It has stopped raining (a long while ago) and it is time for us to move on. The bill is very reasonable. None of the wines were really expensive (100-150 sek a glass), and the food cost around 65 each dish. This is Stockholm, so that is what you pay. I feel we have received value for our money. We will come again. The summer wine bar is an experiment Woodstockholm are running, and I hope it will stay.

Address: Mosebacke torg 9, 116 46 Stockholm
Public transport: Metro (Tunnelbana), Slussen

xx Soile

Woodstockholm summer wine bar
The wine is served from Riedel
A glass of Laherte as a starter
The bar is decorated by the shops furniture
A beautiful Chardonnay from Jura
Whipped pork
Furniture hanging from the roof
M snappig photos
Pouring wine
The decanter
Mencia from Bierzo
Bierzo Apellation labels
After the rain at Mosebacke torg


Wineweek 83: Memories from Epernay

It is already a week since we boarded a train back to Paris from Champagne. Time goes by fast, as these photos make me feel like they were taken yesterday. Ok, so a week is not that long of a time, but it still feels almost unfair how short days have become. I still remember a time when minutes felt like hours and hours like days. I feel lucky to have taken a lot of photos to remember these precious moments by.  Continue reading “Wineweek 83: Memories from Epernay”

Take me to Champagne

This morning we are embarking on a trip. A trip that I have been waiting for a long time. We are traveling to Paris, and then to the heart of Champagne, Epernay. Oh, how I have been waiting for this trip! I have been to Champagne only once, and that was a more official visit to the Terres & Vins champagne exhibition. We arrived to Reims on a Sunday, so most of the places we wanted to visit were closed. We were only able to visit one winery, G.H. Mumm. This time around though, we will be visiting masses of Champagne houses. Our trip is however shadowed by ongoing strikes in France as well as the high security associated to the Football European Championships. Not to mention that they weatherman has forecasted rain for the duration of our whole trip. We have been on alert all weekend, in case we needed to cancel everything. It is a bit difficult to move around in the countryside if there is a shortage of fuel (we are planning to use taxies). We are also intending to take the high speed train back to Paris on Sunday.

Continue reading “Take me to Champagne”

Wineweek 32: Winding Down for Summer

Summer has finally arrived to Stockholm. The sun is shining, temperature is above 20 C and the wind is no longer sharp and cold. Hopefully it is smooth sailing from now to the end of August (one can always hope).

This week has been all about winding down. I am the type of person to get excited and work hard, and then continue working hard even if there is not that much to do. I really need to concentrate on slowing down the pace. So we have been dining out, having some good wines (see pictures) and just slacked off with a good cup of coffee. I have skipped writing posts in the evenings (if I don’t have time for it during the day, then I don’ have the time) and substituted all productive tasks with TV.  I feel so much more energized than I did a week ago.

Taking a sunny walk in Djurgården
Taking a sunny walk in Djurgården
Some cheese from Högtorgshallen
Some cheese from Högtorgshallen
Some yummy snack at Gaston
Some yummy snack at Gaston
A glass of Chenin-blanc at Gaston Winebar
A glass of Chenin-blanc at Gaston Winebar
The amazing Les 7 ancient variety champagne from Laherte & Fils
The amazing Les 7 ancient variety champagne from Laherte & Fils
Primus white from Quite de Pellada
Primus white from Quite de Pellada

Last week I promised to reveal some of our fall plans for the company. We are very happy with the growth we did in the spring, so it is time for another push for sales and another investment to take in new and exciting producers. What does that mean then? Well more paperwork of course. We will be starting work on an import license to be able to sell our wines also to restaurants. We need to find a proper warehouse in Sweden and start contacting potential buyers to arrange tastings. We have some great wines that would perfectly pair with the Scandinavian kitchen, like the Rimarts smoky Rosae and the Antonio Madeira Red. But first things first, the permits must be in place (let’s see if this process goes more smoothly than the license to sell to consumers).

Secondly, we will finally be starting off with our talented Port wine producer, Vieira de Sousa. I love the summer, but when fall comes, I get all excited about cozying up in the cold evenings with a glass of port and some chocolate. Vieira de Sousa is the sole reason we went into Port, and I can’t wait to hear what people say about the wines that I love. During July, we will be preparing the boxes for shipping to our warehouse in Denmark so that in August we are ready to sample them to all of our fellow winecurious. We are already browsing the calendar for good dates to do some tastings. How about you? Are you perhaps port-curious and what is your favorite food pairing?

Next week we will be enjoying the Stockholm summer and then we will head of to meet family and friends in Finland. There are a few great wine-hangouts in Helsinki that I will be writing about the coming week as well as some reviews on this excellent weeks wines. Wishing you all a warm and sunny start for July!